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RIP: Guitar Hero 2005 – 2011

Activision, the makers of the popular video game franchise, “Guitar Hero” announced the shocking news today that they have officially killed, the “Guitar Hero” franchise. The very first “Guitar Hero” game made it’s debut in 2005 for the Playstation 2. The game became an instant hit, they’ve made 5 more Guitar Hero games after that. They also made stand alone, “Guitar Hero” games where famous artists got their own game such as: Metallica, Aerosmith, and Van Halen. There was also “DJ Hero” and “DJ Hero 2”. “Guitar Hero” have been making the news for years and the games goal was that they were hoping that kids would be inspired to pick up a real guitar. Guitar legend, Slash, have always been a huge part of the game, being a character in “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock”. The reason for retiring all “Guitar Hero” projects is because of low video game sales, plus they want to move on to better opportunities and other projects.

Read more on the story, here.

I only own three Guitar Hero games. “Guitar Hero III”, “Guitar Hero: Metallica” and “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith”. I used to think Guitar Hero was cool but got tired of it fast. Ah well, at least the video game industry still have the Rock Band franchise, so I’m sure the Rock Band company is happy, more sales for them. Maybe this will get kids to pick up a real guitar now.


Report: Guitar Hero finally speaks out on use of Kurt Cobain singing songs by other artists…

After Courtney, the surviving members of Nirvana and now Bon Jovi bashing the use of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5, the makers of Guitar Hero finally speaks out. The Guitar Hero CEO, Dan Rosensweig tells NME.com, that Courtney Love gave Activision the permission the rights so they can use Kurt Cobain however they wanted.

Guitar Hero signed Courtney Love a contract, they paid her for these rights, so this now means this is Activision right to have Kurt sing songs by other artists.

He also says the company love the artists they work with, they want to hear from them if they have complaints and they’ll be glad to fix things if music artists don’t like what they see in the games.

NME reports:


There you see, Courtney, all you had to do was to be nice and profesional to Activision instead of being a little child on your damn Twitter page.

I’m beggining to agree that she threatened to sue them for publicity and for more money since she’s always getting sued for other things. She’s a bitch and always has been.

I stopped following her Twitter page because she is pretty fuckin’ annoying. How many hours does she spend on the computer everytime? She’s on Twitter all the time. Loser bitch.

I still disagree with Guitar Hero having Cobain sing other people’s songs though, that isn’t right. If Guitar Hero loves Nirvana so much, why don’t they give them their own game like Metallica and Aerosmith? That would have been better I think.


Thought: I am angry at Activision too, aw man, they totally ruined Kurt, big time…

The reason Courtney Love, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic is not happy about the use of Kurt Cobain for “Guitar Hero 5”, is not that they put him in the game without their permission. Courtney agreed to put Kurt in the game in the first place, she gave them permission. She gave them permission for Kurt to sing Nirvana songs for the game. She didn’t give them permission to use Kurt to sing songs by other artists.

This is why Courtney, Dave, and Krist are pissed off and on a warpath against Activision about it.

I totally agree with it. It’s totally embarrasing and sickening to have Kurt singing songs by other artists like Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, etc. I’m like, “What the hell is Activision thinking? The company are a bunch of fucking morons”. This is humiliating for Nirvana fans.

I am so glad not getting the game. I too am upset and dissapointed with Activision, and because of this, I will no longer by anymore future released Guitar Hero games.

I will still keep Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: Metallica, of course, but I will no longer support Activision. They might ruin the upcoming Van Halen game as well.

This is so wrong having Kurt Cobain, singing songs by other artists, that is not Nirvana. So now you see why they are upset. I can’t blame ’em.

See the video below, this is terrible.


Report: Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic also upset at Kurt Cobain use for “Guitar Hero 5″…

Well, it looks like Courtney Love is not the only one in the music industry upset at Activision with the use of Kurt Cobain for “Guitar Hero 5”. It looks like Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the surviving band members of Nirvana, are pretty pissed too.

They aren’t really upset at Kurt Cobain being used for the game, however, they are just pissed that he could be played by other artists by unlocking a secret of the game.

The Associated Press reports:


Wow. Activision better do something fast or they’ll be battling in court with Courtney, Dave, and Krist all at the same time!

I’m glad I’m not getting the game now!


Guitar Hero 5 tracklisting announced…

Activision unleashed the tracklisting for the upcoming, “Guitar Hero 5”. The game features Shirley Manson as a character as she will be singing, “Only Happy When It Rains”, the Garbage hit for the game.

I’m impressed they included Megadeth’s “Sweating Bullets”. I also liked how they put one of my favorite songs of all time Rammstein’s “Du Hast”. Dire Straits, “Sultans of Swing” and Johnny Cash’s, “Ring of Fire”? Elton John even makes his Guitar Hero debut, this is the first time the Rocket Man has been in a Guitar Hero game.

See the list here:


I’m probably going to get this one.


Report: Activision files lawsuit against video game company to stop the release of a game voiced by Jack Black…

Activision has sued, Double Fine Productions, a video game developer in Santa Montica, California, claiming they transferred the rights that were owned by Activision.

An action adventure video game titled, “Brutal Legend” which the main character is voiced by hollywood actor and comedian, Jack Black, was planning to get released this year. Black plays a character in the game as a heavy metal roadie in a mythical world to fight against evil.

The Associated Press reports:



Confirmed: Van Halen will be the next to get their own Guitar Hero game!!!

First Aerosmith, now Metallica, and next up confirmed to get their own Guitar Hero game, is Van Halen. While Van Halen is not yet ready to go back in the studio to record a new album, it seems they are ready to make their own Guitar Hero.

I’m sure Van Halen will include all their greatest hits, everything from the David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and Gary Cherone era’s…but I hope they pick some songs that are not played on the radio.

Van Halen has been another favorite of mine for years, so this is another Guitar Hero game I’ll be looking forward to get my hands on.

Other Guitar Hero games confirmed in the works: “DJ Hero”, “Band Hero”, and “Guitar Hero 5”.

Billboard reports:



Report: Activision denied Brett Ratner’s permission to make “Guitar Hero” live action film…

Since film maker Brett Ratner has expressed his interest in making a live action “Guitar Hero” film adapted from the hit video game, Ratner himself asked Activision if he could make a film on it. Well, Activision says NO!

Although Activision didn’t give Ratner permission to make the film, he isn’t giving up and he’s going to continue to pursue it.

More on it here:


Way to go Activision! Yeah!

I don’t want Hollywood making a Guitar Hero movie at all no matter who’s directing it. It would kill the sales of the video games and hurt the music industry themselves.

Activision did a smart move here!