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Weird Al does the ice bucket challenge and challenges Obama…

Here is Weird Al’s ice bucket…

Yeah, I know the Kennedy’s already challenged Obama but Obama chickened out and sent in a donation instead. Everybody wants to see Obama do it. As much I hate Obama… I’d have to say admittedly that I would like to see Obama’s ice bucket challenge. I’m curious to see Obama’s reaction when he gets a bucket of ice water dumped on him.

Why won’t Obama do it? Is he afraid of ice cold water? No. I don’t think he is. I think the reason he wouldn’t do it ’cause he’s too important for that. He already humiliated himself with Michelle’s running video and he humiliated himself again with that exercise video that got leaked to the web. I think he just doesn’t want to humiliate himself again over the ice bucket thing.

I can see the left and right’s reaction if they see Obama do the ice bucket challenge. The left will give him the kudos for it, the right will just make fun of him.

Who knows… maybe Obama will change his mind and might do it? We’ll have to wait and see.


“Weird Al” getting a lot of negativity and criticism for Superbowl Halftime performance…

While “Weird Al” is getting a lot of fans petitioning for him to perform at the next Superbowl Halftime show on Feb. 2nd — at the same time, he is predictably getting a lot of negative criticism. Most fans want him to perform the next Superbowl but sure enough, there’s gonna be some that don’t want him there. I’m sure you’ve seen some criticism about it in facebook and I did too. Some people threatened that if they get him they won’t be watching the Halftime show.

Look, I know Weird Al’s music isn’t for everybody. He’s another one of those love or hate artists. In my opinion, I believe some can’t appreciate Weird Al because they find it a bit weird and creepy to see a full grown adult doing parodies of other people’s music. That’s the whole point. Al Yankovic is supposed to be weird and creepy. That’s part of what makes him a comic genius. Some even mistakenly believe that Weird Al is for kids. Not true. Most of Weird Al’s fans are MOSTLY full grown adults from 30 – 50’s. The demographics of Al’s fans varies. Yeah, he has children who love his music but grown ups like him too.

Why is Al Yankovic so huge and popular? I think it’s because Al is the only comedic musician. People look after him ’cause simply put, everybody is looking for a good laugh. That’s why he does what he does. He’s an entertainer and he enjoys making people laugh. Love him or hate him, Al is very successful and he’s a legend. All of his music videos in youtube gets more than a million views. All of his videos go viral. He finally got his no. 1 album, “Mandatory Fun”. He had a 30 year long career. So he deserves this opportunity.

I have been a Weird Al fan since the 80’s. Listened to him since I was a child.

Even if people claim they don’t like Weird Al, they won’t admit that they’ll probably watch anyway just out of curiosity if he gets the Superbowl gig. Watch for it. I know the haters will watch anyway. Then they might find that he’s actually enjoyable.

Here’s that petition that the media is talking about.


I hope the NFL does the right thing and gets him for the gig.

Not only that Al Yankovic deserves the Superbowl halftime performance, he also deserves to get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too!


Weird Al to play for the Halftime Show for the next Superbowl??? Yes please!!!

Weird Al Yankovic deserved this opportunity for years. He should have performed a Superbowl Halftime years ago but he never got the opportunity. Could he perform the next Superbowl??? There’s a petition going by Weird Al fans begging the NFL to hire Weird Al and his band to perform the next Halftime show. Could Weird Al get the gig? I would LOVE for him to get it but since this is NFL, it maybe a tough gig for him to get. I’m pretty sure the NFL already have a bunch of artists lined up for the next Half Time show.

I know Weird Al can put on a great performance ’cause I’ve seen him live once. Him and his band are great musicians. They’ll put on a fun show for the Superbowl. For the Superbowl performance, I can see Weird Al doing some kind of medley mix. A mix of new parodies and old ones. Maybe a few originals as well.

I have a feeling they won’t get Weird Al. Instead they’ll probably end up getting Kanye West, Justin Bieber or Robin Thicke.

I do hope and pray that Weird Al gets the gig, though. This would be great for him. It WOULD help the Superbowl ratings so the NFL should think about that.


More great news for “Weird Al” fanatics!!! “UHF” and “The Compleat Al” getting BluRay/DVD releases!!!

Announced at SDCC, Shout Factory revealed that Weird Al’s featured film, “UHF” is finally getting a BluRay release and even more surprising news that the Weird Al Mockumentary that was made for TV, “The Compleat Al” is getting a DVD release. Both will be coming out in the fall, I believe.

After the success of Weird Al’s new album, “Mandatory Fun”, I’m sure that’ll help sell these two new releases pretty well!!! Now that more people are just discovering Weird Al, even more people will learn about “UHF” and “The Compleat Al”. “The Complete Al” is a mockumentary about his life and career, pretty much making fun of himself.

I’m glad UHF is getting a BluRay release. I’ll get “The Compleat Al” too ’cause I never seen it before.

I miss old school Weird Al. I still like him now but old school Weird Al was the funniest. I miss the curly hair, glasses and mustache look. I’m not that crazy about his look now where he has his long hair down, no glasses and clean shaven. I can see why he changed his look, though. Understandable.

Even though “UHF” bombed in theaters, it continues to sell well on VHS and DVD over the years. I’m sure it will be a big seller on BluRay too.


Congratulations Weird Al, he’s gonna get his first no. 1 album this week!!!

After a thirty year long career, Weird Al Yankovic never had a no. 1 album. It’s true. He may have came close to it a couple of times, though. In the Billboard charts, Al is battling Jason Mraz for the no. 1 spot and I think Al Yankovic is definitely gonna get it.

I’m very proud and happy for Al Yankovic. I really am. Al should soon be bigger than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in youtube.

I love Al’s idea of no longer releasing albums and rely on youtube to release his music. “Mandatory Fun” is indeed Al’s final album. It doesn’t look like he’s gonna sign with a different label any time soon. He’s just gonna release music exclusively for youtube from this point on. Al have become very successful on the internet last week. I’m proud of him.

“Mandatory Fun” seems to be his best album of his career and I’m gonna buy my own copy soon.

Al Yankovic have been in the music business for many years… even before the days when there was no internet. Because of the internet, a lot of people in this generation are just discovering Weird Al. Many still don’t understand his parody thing so they criticize him for it. That’s understandable ’cause people like that just discovered Weird Al and they don’t know much about him.

I have been a lifelong fan of Weird Al. Been listening to him ever since I was a child. In “Mandatory Fun” he still has that old-school 80’s humor in him, absolutely.

I really respect him for his honesty. Listen to him in interviews. He’s not afraid to say what’s good and what’s bad. He’s also not afraid to agree and disagree with things. For example, in his recent interviews he called out MTV saying how that network is no longer a music station. It’s all reality shows. Man, he’s right. I remember the days when MTV used to be cool. MTV used to be pretty important to Weird Al. I remember when I was a teenager, I would go home from school turn on the TV and switch it to MTV hoping a new Weird Al video would come on ’cause MTV was always playing his videos over the years. He’s so right that youtube is the new MTV.

This is good that he’s doing this ’cause he no longer have to wait for 4 or 5 years to parody a song.

How can you not like Weird Al? His music has always been accused of being for children which is why a lot of adults don’t like him but it’s not true. His music is really for all ages.

Al Yankovic is a genius. How come he isn’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet when he totally deserves to be? He’s so worthy!

The “UHF” movie has always been my favorite thing that he did. Now that Weird Al has gotten bigger and more successful, maybe more people would discover that movie which he played the leading role in. The only film that he played the leading role in. I really wish Al Yankovic would do a sequel to “UHF” ’cause that would be awesome if he did one. “UHF” is one of my favorite films of all time. It’s one of those movies you can watch over and over and laugh so hard every time you watch it. I’d like to get that movie on BluRay sometime. If you haven’t seen “UHF”, I’d suggest you check it out yourself.


Weird Al brings back 80’s stop motion animation with “Lame Claim To Fame”…

So far, out of Al Yankovic’s 8 videos, I think this is his best one. Weird Al Yankovic brings back 80’s styled stop motion animation that is done pretty much in the style of Peter Gabriel videos. The new song, “Lame Claim To Fame” is great and the video is great.

What I loved the most of this video is that he gave Dr. Demento a shoutout. If you don’t know who Dr. Demento is, he is a legendary radio DJ who plays comedy music and novelty songs. Dr. Demento was responsible for launching Al Yankovic’s music career. If there was no Dr. Demento, there would have been no Al Yankovic. Dr. Demento was the one who discovered Weird Al and got him a record contract.

This is video no. 7. Final video will be tomorrow. I hope Al’s final video will be the polka medley on the album.


Iggy Azalea have pretty much won the internet, I think…

Thanks to Weird Al and Jimmy Fallon, Iggy Azalea is about to become a huge mainstream star. She could be bigger than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, etc. All week, I’ve been seeing facebook talking about her. Plus, I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook users listening to her on Spotify. I’m sure you’ve seen all that too. You can expect Iggy’s album, “The New Classic” to be a no. 1 record pretty soon here. It should be.

Iggy has become a hit on the internet ’cause she’s real good. I love her myself and I usually hate that kind of music. Weird isn’t it? Iggy is one of those artists you can listen to doesn’t matter the genre that you like. If you like metal and rock n’ roll, you would probably like Iggy. You don’t have to be into strictly rap/pop to like Iggy. Anybody who likes any genre can like her.

Iggy’s music is just a lot of fun and her songs are catchy. Plus her lyrics can be pretty deep and have a lot of meaning. I think she’s one of the best pop & rap artists to come out in a long time. I can’t stop listening to, “The New Classic”. It’s an addicting album. One of my favorite albums of this year.

I’m almost 100% positive that not a lot of people heard of Iggy until Weird Al is gonna parody one of her songs and then Jimmy Fallon covered her song on the Tonight Show. That’s pretty much how I heard of Iggy ’cause of Weird Al, I’ve never heard of her before then. I got curious, looked her up in youtube and started listening to her music and decided that I would like her stuff. As long as Weird Al likes her then she is probably good and she is. One of the things that Weird Al is good at when parodying artists is that he helps gives them more recognition. This is why he parodies a lot of artists ’cause it’s his way of supporting them and helping them.

I got the Deluxe Edition of Iggy’s album “The New Classic” when she put a few extra songs on it. It’s a good record and probably one of the best albums of this year. I really mean that too and I’m not into this kind of music that much.

My main genre of music is rock n’ roll and metal but I like a little bit everything else. Iggy rules and I would see her in concert if she ever came around here.

Yes, I think I changed my mind and will probably end up getting the new Weird Al album.


Honestly, I’m not too thrilled by the new Weird Al parodies, don’t think I’ll get the new album…

I meant what I said in the title of this post.

I realize that a lot of people are just discovering Weird Al since he’s creating a lot of internet buzz but Weird Al have been doing the parody thing for more than a few decades. He’s been doing it since the 80’s. Honestly, I love Al Yankovic’s earlier stuff more.

You should check out his stuff in the 80’s back when he had the curly hair, glasses and mustache. You should especially check out his first self-titled album. Also check out “Polka Party”, “Dare To Be Stupid” and “The UHF Soundtrack” which are his best albums, in my opinion. I also thought “Off the Deep End” was another one of his best albums.

I’ve been listening to Weird Al for years. Ever since I was a child. I remember the first Weird Al album I bought was his first self-titled album and it was on cassette tape.

I still like Weird Al, it’s just that his older stuff is better.


Weird Al video no. 2… “Word Crimes”… Robin Thicke parody…

Here is Weird Al video no. 2. “Word Crimes” which is a parody of that crappy Robin Thicke song that I absolutely hate. Thankfully Weird Al made his take on the song a lot better. I enjoyed Weird Al’s version a lot. This one is a lot funnier than, “Tacky” in my opinion.

Al Yankovic is so right. If you have bad grammar and spelling on the internet, you get mocked for it.

I like how Al writes comedy songs that are based on reality and songs that people can relate to. He not only wants to entertain people with his music, he also wants to help people.

My writing and grammar may not be perfect admittedly but I have been studying and learning on my own, though.

Not everyone have to have perfect English online. A lot of people use the internet as if they are talking to you in the real world if you know what I mean.

Even the best writers don’t always have perfect English… they make mistakes too. Why do you think authors and journalists have editors???

I’m gonna get the new Weird Al album in a couple of weeks.


Weird Al’s first video for “Mandatory Fun”… “Tacky” (parody of Pharrell’s “Happy)

This was a pretty cool video, I guess. It just have several stand up comedians just dancing and singing along, that’s it. To be honest, I don’t know who most of these comedians are. The only one I know of is Jack Black, of course but I don’t know who the rest of them are.

I have noticed one thing though that is pretty inappropriate for a Weird Al video. The black lady (Aisha Tyler???) in the video who grabbed her breasts and playing with them. Doesn’t seem like a Weird Al thing to me. Most of Weird Al’s material is supposed to be family friendly and I have never seen anything dirty or sexual in Weird Al’s videos over the years. Really weird. I hope Al Yankovic will be careful with this video ’cause some might be offended and controversy might start.

I like Weird Al’s take on the song… I expected the video to be better than that. I’m glad Jack Black and Weird Al finally teamed up together, though… that was long overdue.