Iggy Azalea have pretty much won the internet, I think…

Thanks to Weird Al and Jimmy Fallon, Iggy Azalea is about to become a huge mainstream star. She could be bigger than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, etc. All week, I’ve been seeing facebook talking about her. Plus, I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook users listening to her on Spotify. I’m sure you’ve seen all that too. You can expect Iggy’s album, “The New Classic” to be a no. 1 record pretty soon here. It should be.

Iggy has become a hit on the internet ’cause she’s real good. I love her myself and I usually hate that kind of music. Weird isn’t it? Iggy is one of those artists you can listen to doesn’t matter the genre that you like. If you like metal and rock n’ roll, you would probably like Iggy. You don’t have to be into strictly rap/pop to like Iggy. Anybody who likes any genre can like her.

Iggy’s music is just a lot of fun and her songs are catchy. Plus her lyrics can be pretty deep and have a lot of meaning. I think she’s one of the best pop & rap artists to come out in a long time. I can’t stop listening to, “The New Classic”. It’s an addicting album. One of my favorite albums of this year.

I’m almost 100% positive that not a lot of people heard of Iggy until Weird Al is gonna parody one of her songs and then Jimmy Fallon covered her song on the Tonight Show. That’s pretty much how I heard of Iggy ’cause of Weird Al, I’ve never heard of her before then. I got curious, looked her up in youtube and started listening to her music and decided that I would like her stuff. As long as Weird Al likes her then she is probably good and she is. One of the things that Weird Al is good at when parodying artists is that he helps gives them more recognition. This is why he parodies a lot of artists ’cause it’s his way of supporting them and helping them.

I got the Deluxe Edition of Iggy’s album “The New Classic” when she put a few extra songs on it. It’s a good record and probably one of the best albums of this year. I really mean that too and I’m not into this kind of music that much.

My main genre of music is rock n’ roll and metal but I like a little bit everything else. Iggy rules and I would see her in concert if she ever came around here.

Yes, I think I changed my mind and will probably end up getting the new Weird Al album.


5 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea have pretty much won the internet, I think…”

    1. I agree. She may already have some success but not a mainstream star yet but she will be, though.


      1. No, she IS a mainstream star. Her singles are played like every hour on top forty radio. Have been for months.

      2. I meant that she’ll soon become huge and iconic. Kind of like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, etc. I think you know what I’m saying no need to be so damn argumentative all the time.


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