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Elvis vs. Robin Thicke…

When I wrote how fake the industry is that artists today don’t write their own songs… idiots would come in and make assumptions that it’s been going on for decades so they bring in Elvis Presley as an example. Yes, it’s true that Elvis didn’t write his own songs, I always knew that but you can’t compare Elvis to Robin Thicke.

In Elvis’s defense, he was just a singer, he was never a writer and he was always honest about that. He always hired songwriters to write songs for him. Elvis did contribute to songwriting himself sometimes, though. He never kept it a secret that he had no writing talent. You see what I mean? He just wanted to sing.

Robin Thicke however was pretending to be a songwriter and lying about it. Keeping it a secret that he had no writing talent.

You can’t compare the old days to today. Today is different. Back then the labels didn’t write songs for the artists so the artist can feel free to hire other writers and buy songs off of them. Today is a whole different game. In today’s industry you can have the labels write the songs for you and not having the public know about it… that’s not how it was back in the Elvis days.

I’ve got a few comments accusing Elvis have no writing talent too so I thought I would respond to it. A lot of people aren’t smart about music at all as some think they are.

More on this tomorrow.


Robin Thicke admits he didn’t really write “Blurred Lines”… Pharrell Williams wrote it!!!

This is the kind of thing that goes on in the music industry these days. Artists writing songs for other artists. Record labels writing songs for artists. This is the kind of thing that Gene Simmons was talking about but nope everybody have to be like, “Wwwaaaaahhhhh… Gene Simmons is full of shit, he’s just a jealous loser”.

I’m willing to bet that Robin Thicke didn’t write most of his own music. I’m sure Robin contributed to his own songwriting but not very much.

Robin Thicke is one artist I’ll never support ’cause he’s one of the very few artists that I hate. Can’t stand this egotistical douche!!!



Weird Al video no. 2… “Word Crimes”… Robin Thicke parody…

Here is Weird Al video no. 2. “Word Crimes” which is a parody of that crappy Robin Thicke song that I absolutely hate. Thankfully Weird Al made his take on the song a lot better. I enjoyed Weird Al’s version a lot. This one is a lot funnier than, “Tacky” in my opinion.

Al Yankovic is so right. If you have bad grammar and spelling on the internet, you get mocked for it.

I like how Al writes comedy songs that are based on reality and songs that people can relate to. He not only wants to entertain people with his music, he also wants to help people.

My writing and grammar may not be perfect admittedly but I have been studying and learning on my own, though.

Not everyone have to have perfect English online. A lot of people use the internet as if they are talking to you in the real world if you know what I mean.

Even the best writers don’t always have perfect English… they make mistakes too. Why do you think authors and journalists have editors???

I’m gonna get the new Weird Al album in a couple of weeks.