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Thoughts on the Superbowl Halftime show of those rap artists and quick review of the game itself…

Okay some of you want to know my thoughts on the Superbowl last night. Yes, I did watch it… the whole thing.

First I wanna give my thoughts on the Superbowl Halftime performance of all those rappers. Everybody’s going off of how “great” it really was but I’m gonna be a bit honest and say that it was “so” and “so”. I thought Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige were the best… in my opinion, I think the Superbowl Halftime show should have just been them three… 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem were not needed… I didn’t really care for those three guys but Dre, Snoop and Mary J…. YES! I know I know, some of you may be shocked that I liked Snoop since he is pretty left wing and a Trump hater himself but that’s okay. It was about the music for me, ya know and I thought Snoop was amazing and impressive last night. I’m not afraid to admit that Snoop is an amazing live performer and always has been. Dre too. I don’t know much about Mary J. but I think I’m gonna get into her music more and would like to start getting her albums. I actually loved her last night really.

Eminem? He’s a douche, I don’t like him anymore and it isn’t just politics that made me lost interest in him. I used to be a fan of of Eminem when I was younger, it’s just that his music is no longer interesting, ya know? I used to buy Eminem albums but I stopped.

As for the game itself, The Rams vs. The Bengals, I thought it was a great game. I was rooting for the Bengals myself ’cause they just made their Superbowl debut. The Bengals were newcomers to the Superbowl and toward the end of the game, I thought they had the game won but the Rams got ahead of them on the last minute. It was a very close game but very good.

and oh yeah, why was the Rock there last night? Well there’s a lot of complainers about that one and I wanna defend that one a little bit. The reason he was there is ’cause the stadium that last night’s Superbowl was at is gonna be the same stadium this year’s Wrestlemania is gonna be. The Rock was there not only to build up some hype for last night’s game but also build some hype for this year’s Wrestlemania. He was there for a “marketing” kind of thing, ya know? Crazy how a lot of people nowadays don’t understand wrestling.

It was an interesting Superbowl this year.


Bringing Adam Levine into this J-Lo and Shakira debate is silly and stupid, now here’s a rant about it…

This post might be kind of controversial and might upset a few but I don’t give a flyin’ two shits. It’s my blog so I post whatever I want.

Yes, I did watch the Superbowl Halftime performance with J-Lo and Shakira… was the performance inappropriate like everyone is saying? Yes, it absolutely was and here’s why… the NFL Superbowl games is something for the whole family to watch so that means people of all ages will be watching the game and that includes children. I find it a huge mistake of the NFL booking all these female pop-stars ’cause you can betcha there will be a plenty of booty shaking and twerking all over… stripper pole dancing, inappropriate dance moves with the other dancers such as “grinding” and all that stuff. Well, you get the deal… we’ve seen all that with female pop stars over the years… w/ Janet, Katy Perry, etc.

This isn’t something we should be watching on family TV at all. Sure, nothing wrong with women dressing sexy and doing all kinds of dirty dancing on stage but leave that for the strip clubs. We don’t need to see that on a family friendly sporting event. Not only that children will be watching, there will also be plenty of older people ages 50 or older who don’t need to be seeing all that.

Yeah, Shakira and J-Lo showed a bit too much skin and their asses were hanging out a bit but at least they had their breasts covered, I’ll give them that.

Since the day after the Superbowl, all I’m seeing now is leftist-women defending the Superbowl performance… saying all kinds of bullshit like Shakira and J-Lo are courageous for dressing sexy over 40 and calling them “courageous”. Leftist women in social media are trying all they can to defend that performance and I laughed when they brought Adam Levine into it. That’s the best defense they can come up with? Their complaint was that Adam Levine took off his shirt and performed shirtless yet there is no outrage.

Hmmmmm… why was there no outrage when Adam Levine performed shirtless when Maroon 5 played the Superbowl? Well, it’s completely normal and completely legal for men to go shirtless in public. A man’s chest is not a private part… a woman’s chest is. So there is nothing wrong with Adam performing with no shirt. It was pretty normal. I thought it was silly that Adam Levine was brought into this when it’s completely unfair and wrong… I look at it as feminist women just showing their hatred for men and nothing more.

These are the same women that tell men to stop objectifying women… yep, the same women that tell men to stop treating them like objects.. because of feminism we can’t say how hot a woman is anymore and we can no longer flirt with them or else we’ll get yelled at by them or worse get slapped with a sexual harassment charge… thanks to all this “me too” stuff going on… trying to destroy everything about the “man”.

Yet these leftist women are defending these pop stars looking like strippers.

Yup, these leftist woman are such “champions” for women and don’t want them to be treated like objects but the pop music industry objectifies women all the time. It’s all over the industry. It’s not just in music. Objectifying women is all over the movies, the porn industry and everywhere else you look at.

These are the same women that begs for equal pay and thinks abortion is health care.

I have no problem with leftist women enjoying that performance… that’s their prerogative but when they brought Adam Levine into this that’s what bothered me and now I feel like I have to rant about it.

Yeah they are such champions for women… yell at men to stop objectifying them, yet they have no problem with the NFL objectifying Shakira and J-Lo. Hmmmm… something wrong with that picture here.



Yes, I did watch the Superbowl last night and it was great… most exciting Superbowl game in a long long time…

I stopped watching the Superbowl for a few years since all that kneeling to the National Anthem was going on in the NFL. Now that the NFL seems to have put a stop to all that kneeling completely it looks like, I thought I would give them a chance.

I ended up watching the game last night. Watched the whole thing from start to finish… watched all the commercials too and yes watched the Superbowl Halftime show with Shakira & J-Lo.

As far as the game itself goes the 49’ers vs. The Chiefs, it really was a pretty thrilling game like everyone was saying. It definitely was one of the most exciting Superbowl games in a long long time. I never was much of a fan of the NFL in the past but watching that game last night made me respect the NFL again just a little more and I might watch more NFL next year. Both teams the 49’ers vs. The Chiefs, made sure the game wasn’t going to be boring at all. Both teams played really hard yesterday evening and both teams were on fire. Both teams really showed that they really were in it to “win it” and did whatever it took to win it.

Every Superbowl game is not always gonna be great, some are gonna be great, some are gonna be okay and some are gonna be bad. Well last night’s game is gonna go down in the history books for sure. I knew it was going to be a very close game and you never knew who was going to win that one. In the beginning, I thought for sure that the 49’ers were going to win but the Chiefs caught up toward the end and destroyed them bad. That was a shocker really. The game was really good and just made me appreciate football a little more. Glad I watched it ’cause if it turned out to be a boring as hell game, I probably would have walked away from the TV to do something else instead but since the game ended up turning out so exciting, I watched it from start to finish.

Who was I rooting for? I didn’t care really. I thought both teams did a great job. I was happy for both of them so I’m not on one side at all.

As far as the commercials go, there were some pretty cool movie trailers like Fast 9, Top Gun: Maverick and Black Widow… which I look forward to seeing all three of them.

As far as my thoughts on the Superbowl Halftime performance with J-Lo and Shakira, the only thing that I liked about it was that I liked that Shakira honored Led Zeppelin by having the violins play the Kashmir riff. I caught that and thought it was cool. Other than that, though, it was the worst Superbowl halftime performance I’ve ever seen. Guess I’m not into that type of music much.

I do agree with what everyone is saying about that performance being too inappropriate for the NFL… ya know, all the booty shaking, the pole dancing, the twerking and them looking like strippers. I’ll have another post about this soon. It’s gonna be rant and gotta get it out of me.

Other than that, it was a great Superbowl game for the most part.


The hypocrisy of race relations never ceases to amaze me… WOW!!!


When it comes to “No diversity” and no blacks at the Oscars, people are outraged. When it comes to Beyonce’s dancers, there is not one white woman in her crew, you don’t see any outrage. WTF??? The double standard about this is pretty crazy and messed up.


It was good to hear that Elastica song, “Connection” on the Superbowl last night!

Before the Superbowl went to a commercial break, it was pretty awesome to hear a familiar song. I’m like, “I remember that tune but can’t remember the artist”. So I looked it up online and it was Elastica. “Connection” is the name of the song by Elastica. I used to be into this band. I used to have their 1999 self titled album and used to listen to it all the time. They were a good band.

They only released two albums in their career and wish they would reunite for another one. Elastica rocks. I thought it was cool that the Superbowl played this song. It gave all of us a bit of a flashback.

I was surprised that everybody still remember this band ’cause this band was trending nationwide in social networking so it’s good to see that everybody still knows who they are even if you haven’t heard from this band much.

I’m sure the band themselves were pretty thrilled this song made the Superbowl.


I actually LOVED the Katy Perry performance during the Superbowl halftime… she was entertaining as hell!!!

Yeah I did end up watching the Superbowl earlier tonight and it was a great game, congrats to the Patriots!

Anyway, a lot of people are shitting on the Katy Perry halftime performance and I just wanted to take the time to defend it a little. If you’re hating on Katy Perry then you’ve obviously never heard of her or never seen a show of hers. If you don’t get all of her dancers and all of the gimmicks on stage, then you’ve probably never seen a show of hers. She always had that gimmick stuff on stage at the her concerts. Remember all that Candyland stuff she used to do? There’s a good example. Katy Perry maybe weird but that’s how she entertains her fans. She’s more of an entertainer than a music star, in my opinion but I do like Katy Perry, though. Always had.

It was a family friendly performance. She kept her boobs covered for the most part ’cause remember she’s always showing her cleavage at her shows but I’m sure she was ordered by the NFL to keep her boobs covered. I think the NFL are done with the controversial stuff and just wanna keep the halftime shows family friendly from now on. She did a medley mix of all of her hit singles. Her performance was something that the children can get into, ya know?

I thought Katy Perry was entertaining as hell. Her performance was different and very creative. I also thought it was awesome how she was flying in the air on a shooting star. I like the giant lion, the dancing shark and the singing beach balls. It may have all seemed like a circus yes but it was entertaining. I really enjoyed her show.

Some of you may ask, what was my favorite Superbowl commercial? My favorite was one of the car commercials, I think Chrysler when they fooled us that something was going wrong with the TV kind of like an Andy Kauffman thing. That was hilarious. They really got everyone thinking there was something wrong with the TV… it even got me. That was the best commercial, in my opinion. My second favorite commercial was the Walter White appearance.

It was a real good Superbowl tonight.


“Weird Al” getting a lot of negativity and criticism for Superbowl Halftime performance…

While “Weird Al” is getting a lot of fans petitioning for him to perform at the next Superbowl Halftime show on Feb. 2nd — at the same time, he is predictably getting a lot of negative criticism. Most fans want him to perform the next Superbowl but sure enough, there’s gonna be some that don’t want him there. I’m sure you’ve seen some criticism about it in facebook and I did too. Some people threatened that if they get him they won’t be watching the Halftime show.

Look, I know Weird Al’s music isn’t for everybody. He’s another one of those love or hate artists. In my opinion, I believe some can’t appreciate Weird Al because they find it a bit weird and creepy to see a full grown adult doing parodies of other people’s music. That’s the whole point. Al Yankovic is supposed to be weird and creepy. That’s part of what makes him a comic genius. Some even mistakenly believe that Weird Al is for kids. Not true. Most of Weird Al’s fans are MOSTLY full grown adults from 30 – 50’s. The demographics of Al’s fans varies. Yeah, he has children who love his music but grown ups like him too.

Why is Al Yankovic so huge and popular? I think it’s because Al is the only comedic musician. People look after him ’cause simply put, everybody is looking for a good laugh. That’s why he does what he does. He’s an entertainer and he enjoys making people laugh. Love him or hate him, Al is very successful and he’s a legend. All of his music videos in youtube gets more than a million views. All of his videos go viral. He finally got his no. 1 album, “Mandatory Fun”. He had a 30 year long career. So he deserves this opportunity.

I have been a Weird Al fan since the 80’s. Listened to him since I was a child.

Even if people claim they don’t like Weird Al, they won’t admit that they’ll probably watch anyway just out of curiosity if he gets the Superbowl gig. Watch for it. I know the haters will watch anyway. Then they might find that he’s actually enjoyable.

Here’s that petition that the media is talking about.


I hope the NFL does the right thing and gets him for the gig.

Not only that Al Yankovic deserves the Superbowl halftime performance, he also deserves to get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too!


My thoughts on the Red Hot Chili Peppers “faking it” at the Superbowl…

There’s a lot of controversy on this. The Red Hot Chili Peppers getting caught playing their instruments unplugged and they have been accused by a lot of fans that the band have been “faking it” on stage. Ya know…. fake playing the instruments and lip syncing and all that stuff. The band have been accused of not having any real talent after that. So Flea, responds to the controversy by taking to the Chili Peppers website and wrote an open letter to all the fans explaining the whole thing. According to him, he claims that the vocals were live and the instruments were pre-recorded by them, the band. He explains why they did it ’cause the Superbowl didn’t want a bad sound in that stadium. He then defends the band saying that they can really play at their concerts ’cause their concerts are mostly improvised jams and stuff.

Do I believe him? I don’t know. It’s hard to take everything seriously in the music industry in this day and age. Pop singers have been accused of faking it for many years but not many accuse rock bands of faking it. That’s probably why controversy sparked out of this ’cause it’s hard to see a rock band “faking it”. Well, all music is pretty much fake in the major label industry and that includes a lot of rock bands.

Even if the Chili Peppers don’t have any musical talent, do you guys find it a surprise? I wouldn’t find it a surprise in this day and age of the music industry.

I used to love the Chili Peppers. I used to love their older stuff. I think “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” was the best album they did, obviously. “Californiacation” is right behind it. I only liked the Chili Peppers when John Frusciante was guitarist, I don’t care for the new guy. I even saw the Chili Peppers live in concert once before.

On top of that, it’s the freakin’ Superbowl. Pretty much every act during the Half Time Sueprbowl every year, faked their performance… even Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band admitted to faking theirs too.

It’s nice to finally see people waking up on how fake the music industry is today. The industry doesn’t believe in real talent anymore. Just have the good looks and then you get a record deal. Most music is manufactured and that includes Bruno Mars.

This is why I prefer music in the old days 50’s – 70’s. I like new stuff sure… but I mostly like classic music, the old stuff. That’s where the real talent is. Fuck all of this lip syncing and auto-tuned bullshit.


Bruno Mars & The Chili Peppers…. Superbowl halftime performance thoughts…

Well, there have been mixed opinions from the Bruno Mars & Chili Peppers performance during Halftime Superbowl. Some love it, some hated it. Well, I didn’t even like it myself.

Why? Because that kind of music is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, Bruno maybe a talented dude, I just feel that he is a Michael Jackson and Prince wannabe a little bit. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers couldn’t save the performance. The Chili Peppers don’t believe in wearing shirts on stage like usual. I just think the Bruno performance was too boring to me. Not my cup of tea.

I hope the Superbowl will get a rock act next year. I’m tired of all these R&B and pop stars taking over the Superbowl halftime show. We should get a rock act next year but nope. Next year we’ll probably get Miley, Justin Bieber or Kanye.

As for the game itself, like everyone else, I thought the Seahawks vs. Broncos was boring as fuck. It was a pretty bad game. That’s all I gotta say about that.


Not a cool video: I say that Beyonce is still lip synching!!!

How is this proving the haters wrong? They didn’t give us any proof whether or not there was any backing tapes, backstage at this event. I also don’t trust that wireless microphone when there is already a microphone, right there at that glass podium. Even though this could be “live” singing, you gotta love what the power of vocal effects (reverb/echo/etc.) can do to your voice. Auto-tune, anyone?

You also gotta love all of her silly excuses when not singing it live. Not having the time to rehearse, the cold weather, blah blah blah.

If you really had the talent, any singer could get up there and wing it out, regardless of the weather or whatever lame excuses you can make for not singing it live.

What a nice attempt to get respect back, though.