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Not a cool video: I say that Beyonce is still lip synching!!!

How is this proving the haters wrong? They didn’t give us any proof whether or not there was any backing tapes, backstage at this event. I also don’t trust that wireless microphone when there is already a microphone, right there at that glass podium. Even though this could be “live” singing, you gotta love what the power of vocal effects (reverb/echo/etc.) can do to your voice. Auto-tune, anyone?

You also gotta love all of her silly excuses when not singing it live. Not having the time to rehearse, the cold weather, blah blah blah.

If you really had the talent, any singer could get up there and wing it out, regardless of the weather or whatever lame excuses you can make for not singing it live.

What a nice attempt to get respect back, though.