It was good to hear that Elastica song, “Connection” on the Superbowl last night!

Before the Superbowl went to a commercial break, it was pretty awesome to hear a familiar song. I’m like, “I remember that tune but can’t remember the artist”. So I looked it up online and it was Elastica. “Connection” is the name of the song by Elastica. I used to be into this band. I used to have their 1999 self titled album and used to listen to it all the time. They were a good band.

They only released two albums in their career and wish they would reunite for another one. Elastica rocks. I thought it was cool that the Superbowl played this song. It gave all of us a bit of a flashback.

I was surprised that everybody still remember this band ’cause this band was trending nationwide in social networking so it’s good to see that everybody still knows who they are even if you haven’t heard from this band much.

I’m sure the band themselves were pretty thrilled this song made the Superbowl.


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