Video worth watching for guitar players of all levels…

I just stumbled upon this excellent video about guitar playing. 7 mistakes that guitar players of all levels make and I’m sure we’re all guilty of some of them. I know I am.

I’ve been guilty of noodling the same stuff, not learning to tune the guitar by ear and not setting new goals. Now it makes you wonder why I haven’t been such a great guitar player in the past so now I’ve finally decided to step up and try to get better. Try to play more professionally and I’ve just started to learn all of these mistakes listed in this video.

If I wanna improve my chops and get better, I gotta stop noodling the same stuff and learn stuff I haven’t learned before which I started to do a lot more. I have started to learn to set new goals and like the guy said in the video you can’t just say “I wanna be a better guitar player”, you have to be more specific.

My goal is try to play a little more professionally. Understand timing and rhythm… get good at playing with a metronome or even better a drummer. I have done that over the past few years is learning timing and rhythm and I seemed to have become an expert at that pretty quickly. Timing is everything in music. I’m also trying to learn music theory and trying to get good at ear training/improvisation as well.

I’m also trying to learn how to tune a guitar by ear which is what I’m practicing on as well. Those electric tuner gadgets maybe great but in my opinion, every guitar player should be able to tune a guitar by ear ’cause one of these days there will be a time where you won’t have a tuner around you, ya know? It’s amazing that there are too many guitar players who prefer to tune a guitar with an electronic tuner and not by ear. Many guitar players are too lazy to tune by ear. They’re too afraid to tune by ear.

I’ve been trying to learn new scales, new lessons, strumming and lead techniques. I’m doing all I can to become a better guitar player. I want to become the best I can be. No matter how much I’ve improved, I will always be learning.

I love studying and learning guitar. I prefer to be a self-taught player ’cause I don’t wanna get anybody’s style. When I first started playing guitar, I did take lessons with a few different professional instructors for a little while to get myself started… then I gave up guitar lessons so I can teach myself. The reason is there aren’t too much guitar instructors in my hometown of Greenwich. Pretty much none around here.


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