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John Frusciante officially re-joins the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as a full time member…

This is really great news. The Chilli Peppers announced on their IG page that their long-time guitarist John Frusciante has now officially re-joined the band as their full time guitarist again. This means that their previous guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer will have to be replaced so John can rejoin the group. Keep in mind though that Klinghoffer is not being fired from the band ’cause the band here wants to make it clear that it was an amicable split between the two. It looks like the guys in the Chilli Peppers had a long talk with Klinghoffer for him to leave the band so John can re-join and looks like Klinghoffer was all for it. Why? I would think Klinghoffer is a fan of the Chilli Peppers like the rest of us and he wanted to see John re-join.

I stopped supporting the Chilli Peppers music once John left ’cause I wasn’t that crazy about that Klinghoffer’s guitar playing style. The Peppers music with Klinghoffer as guitarist never grabbed me. Admittedly, I do have their album “I’m With You” w/ Klinghoffer as guitarist on it but I didn’t like that album too much ’cause it didn’t feel like a Chilli Peppers record at all so I didn’t bother buying their latest album, “The Getaway”. The Chilli Peppers only did two albums with Josh.

John Frusciante is coming back as a full time member. It isn’t going to be a one-off kind of thing. That means Frusciante will be back to recording in the studio with the Chilli Peppers and going on full World Tours with them and stuff.

Like everyone else, I too am a HUGE fan of the Frusciante era of the Chilli Peppers. The Chilli Peppers wrote the best songs with Frusciante. The Chilli Peppers with Frusciante as guitarist were hit makers… they wrote a bunch of smash hits that everyone knows and love: “Under the Bridge”, “Give It Away”, “Suck My Kiss”, “Californication”, “By The Way”, “Scar Tissue”, “Can’t Stop”, “Soul To Squeeze”, etc. The list is endless… Frusciante wrote all those songs with the band. John wrote memorable songs with the Chilli Peppers that never left our heads.

Did Klinghoffer write any smash hits with the two albums they did with the Chilli Peppers that would be considered radiofriendly? Maybe the song “Dark Necessittes” but that’s about it.

Now I’m looking forward to the next Chilli Peppers record when Frusciante hits the studio with them again. They’re probably gonna hit the studio again to write and record songs for the next album asap. The next album probably won’t come out ’til 2021 ’cause it takes forever to record an album. Now the Chilli Peppers can go back to make some sick music again with Frusciante on guitar ’cause the band was at their best with Frusciante. Glad that John is coming back though after a long hiatus from the band.

Wonder what made John come back to them? Maybe John wrote a bunch of song ideas that would be good for Chilli Peppers music and that’s probably what did it, I bet. Maybe John just felt like having fun again. He probably just missed making music with them and wanted to get back into it.

This is great news, though and I’m excited!


Bruno Mars & The Chili Peppers…. Superbowl halftime performance thoughts…

Well, there have been mixed opinions from the Bruno Mars & Chili Peppers performance during Halftime Superbowl. Some love it, some hated it. Well, I didn’t even like it myself.

Why? Because that kind of music is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, Bruno maybe a talented dude, I just feel that he is a Michael Jackson and Prince wannabe a little bit. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers couldn’t save the performance. The Chili Peppers don’t believe in wearing shirts on stage like usual. I just think the Bruno performance was too boring to me. Not my cup of tea.

I hope the Superbowl will get a rock act next year. I’m tired of all these R&B and pop stars taking over the Superbowl halftime show. We should get a rock act next year but nope. Next year we’ll probably get Miley, Justin Bieber or Kanye.

As for the game itself, like everyone else, I thought the Seahawks vs. Broncos was boring as fuck. It was a pretty bad game. That’s all I gotta say about that.


BREAKING NEWS: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are returning this fall!!!!!

The longtime Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith, is the first to announce that Anthony Keidis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad himself will be returning as the Red Hot Chili Peppers coming soon this October. The Chili Peppers had a very long hiatus from the music business since 2006’s “Stadium Arcadium” (the album came out in 2006, not 2005 that Billboard made their mistake on). Chad Smith will be a very busy guy this fall/winter since he will be working with the Chili Peppers again, he’s in Chickenfoot, and now he’s in a third band called the Bombastic Meatbats.

Chad says the Chili Peppers have been talking about going back into the studio to record a new album but haven’t decided on a producer yet and everything else. Of course, a full fledged Chili Peppers tour will probably follow the new album as well.

Billboard reports:


It’s about time. I’ve always loved the Chili Peppers. Getting excited for the Chilli Peppers return this fall.

I still think “By the Way” was the best new Chili Peppers album so far. “Stadium Arcadium” was okay but hopefully their next album will be a really good one.


BREAKING NEWS: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers breaks up…

The longtime Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis revealed that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have just broken up. They didn’t break up for good, but for a long while at least. They have no grudges against each other, they just want to move on. Kiedis says he’s about to have a new son and wants do more surfing. Flea wants to learn more things on his bass guitar. Chad had joined a jazz band and moved to Japan. John wants to do more of his solo career and do other side projects.

A few articles about it:



And here:


As a huge fan of the Chilli Peppers, I’m sad to see these guys go, but they’ll be back, I promise. This wasn’t the first time Anthony, Flea, Chad and John broke up and came back later, they’ll do it again.

While “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” is still the best album they’ve ever recorded, I would think their album “By The Way” is close behind it. “Californication” and “Stadium Arcadium” were both okay, I love “Blood Sugar” and “By the Way” way more though.

They’ll be back, so don’t be sad.