BREAKING NEWS: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers breaks up…

The longtime Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis revealed that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have just broken up. They didn’t break up for good, but for a long while at least. They have no grudges against each other, they just want to move on. Kiedis says he’s about to have a new son and wants do more surfing. Flea wants to learn more things on his bass guitar. Chad had joined a jazz band and moved to Japan. John wants to do more of his solo career and do other side projects.

A few articles about it:


And here:

As a huge fan of the Chilli Peppers, I’m sad to see these guys go, but they’ll be back, I promise. This wasn’t the first time Anthony, Flea, Chad and John broke up and came back later, they’ll do it again.

While “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” is still the best album they’ve ever recorded, I would think their album “By The Way” is close behind it. “Californication” and “Stadium Arcadium” were both okay, I love “Blood Sugar” and “By the Way” way more though.

They’ll be back, so don’t be sad.



0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers breaks up…”

  1. Too bad the brokened up. This was the only place I saw this reported! Good job.
    I liked “UPLIFT MOFO PARTY PLAN” the best. (Back when they were on Catbird Records) They were really innovative and original and good sometimes. I remember them doing a bowling skit on “Kids are People Too” or maybe “You Cant Do That On Television” I think and right in the interview someone yelled “MUSCLE FLEX!!!” and they all went crazy for the camera doing bodybuilding poses. It was funny. I’m sure they were on the dope, though. Because that’s a crazy thing to do.
    Anthony looks like he is sniffing his armpit in this picture & John looks surprised!
    I always wondered if that kid from Bill & Ted movies was their friend or drug buddy because he was in that MTV video with them. He was also in one of those vigilante ‘Death Wish 3″ Charles Bronson movies, too! I wonder if he hung out with Charles Bronson and if Charles Bronson did Heroin too. I doubt it. They didnt have heroin back when Charles Bronson was around.
    I think that crap started with those people in Harlem pushing it on the little white kids…then the Brits got ahold of it like Clapton and Sid Vicious later on.
    Bad news, that. I hope no one ever uses that stuff again. It makes you lose your teeth.
    It’s like havong a “SCARLET H” on your chest… not the SCARLET H club they have down on Lark St in Albany where they are all taking Valtrex & Zovirax…. this is a worser SCARLET H.
    Dont do drugs! It is dumb!!
    Anyway, I hope the RHCP guys have fun successful solo careers and dont “go hollywood” Although Flea was brilliant in Back To The Future!

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