New Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” w/ John Frusciante being back is freakin’ awesome, the boys still got it…

Man, I’m so freakin’ happy that John Frusciante is back. The Chilli Peppers are back in true form. I’m a longtime Chilli Peppers fan. Been a fan since the 90’s when “Under the Bridge” song exploded all over the place and then I went out and bought the “Blood Suger Sex Magick” album on CD which I still have sitting on my shelf.

I lost interest in the Chilli Peppers when that other guy took over after John left. I wasn’t that crazy about that Klinghoffer guy. Klinghoffer wasn’t the Chilli Peppers, it’s John that defines the band’s sound and John is the Chilli Peppers.

I listened to their new album “Unlimited Love” this week and it’s freakin’ awesome. Gonna be listening to this one a lot I think ’cause it’s their best new album since “By the Way”.

On “Unlimited Love”, it’s a way different album than past records but the Chilli Peppers still got the mix of funk, hard rock and ballads. They do a mix of all three. On “Unlimited Love”, they still have plenty of songs that make you wanna get up and dance ’cause that’s what they are pretty much, a dance band but they do have slower music.

I think the band is on fire more than ever and getting better. John’s guitar playing is way better than ever, his guitar tone is insane and Anthony’s singing is killer still. Of course, Flea and Chad are still a killer rhythm section but they are way tighter now. I think they’ve all gotten better with John being back. The album clocks in over an hour but it goes by fast.

It’s a great album. Definitely recommended for long time fans and newbies too. Definitely check it out, yo!


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