More on HBO Max, I figured out how to use the HBO Max app with their Hulu add on so it’s all set…

Took me a little while to figure it all out but I just figured it out. Not too long ago, I cancelled Netflix and swapped it with the HBO MAX add on through Hulu. So now I wanted to figure out how to use the HBO Max Hulu add on with the regular HBO Max app for the Smart TV since they allow you to do that. I finally figured it out today so I’m now officially an HBO Max subscriber. I tested the streaming on it today a little bit and it works perfect now. So now I’ll be able to stream stuff on HBO Max which is exciting. It is definitely way better than Netflix.

For the most part, the only reason I wanted to get HBO Max is for DC Movies/TV show that are on there and I also wanted HBO Max for the “House of the Dragon” Game of Thrones prequel show. Plus once again there are upcoming spinoffs for “The Batman” film… TV shows of Penguin and Arkham Asylum. Also for the upcoming “Batgirl” movie that will be HBOMax exclusive only, I want to see that too.

Last night, I watched the movie “The Last Duel” that medieval movie that stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Adam Driver. Also directed by Ridley Scott. I watched that one through the Hulu HBO Max since I couldn’t figure out that “provider” thing yet… but “The Last Duel” was surprisingly good. I liked it a lot so I might add that one to my BluRay collection. That movie was a reunion movie for Matt and Ben as the last movie they did together I think was “Good Will Hunting” in 1997.

Now I got this HBO Max “provider” thing figured out, I’m gonna stream a movie on there tonight. Soon I’m gonna start watching “The Peacemaker” show with John Cena ’cause I want to see that one as well.

First though, I gotta catch up with “Yellowstone – Season 4” on Peacock before I start other shows.



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