Bought the new Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” now that John Frusciante is back… got some other albums too…

Through Itunes, I bought the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” now that their guitarist John Frusciante is back. Haven’t heard the album yet but gonna get around to it this week. I’ll post a review of the album after a few listens. I’m sure it’s good.

Other albums I got were:

  • Slash and Myles Kennedy “No. 4”
  • Prince “Sign of the Times” (double album)
  • Foo Fighters (self titled debut)
  • Foo Fighters “Medicine at Midnight”
  • Abbath “Dread Reaver”
  • Alter Bridge “Blackbird”
  • Swans “Cop”
  • Jarboe “Sacrificial Cake”
  • The Batman “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” score

I’m a huge fan of Slash and Myles Kennedy and have their other albums, just had to get their new one.

I’m gonna try to get the rest of the Foo Fighters albums as I still am a fan of them. I’ve been a fan of them long before Taylor’s passing. Used to have their first album but lost it so I decided to get it again.

I’ve been getting into Prince music more and more. Only have a few albums of his but I’ve been loving Prince music the more I hear him. Now I understand why so many love him.

I’ve been getting into Alter Bridge more as well as I think Myles Kennedy is one of the greatest singers in rock. Since I have his solo albums and his albums with Slash, I figure I would start getting into Alter Bridge music finally.

Abbath is a black metal band that I’ve been a fan of lately. Got their first two albums, now I got their new one they just released.

Swans is an experimental rock band that no one’s heard of that I’ve been listening to a lot. I have 6 albums by them so far, check them out.

Jarboe is a member of that band Swans and she is a solo artist as well so I picked out an album of hers that someone recommended to me by another Swans fan.

As far as “The Batman” soundtrack goes, I don’t buy a lot of movie soundtracks but I loved that score for the movie so I bought the soundtrack for my own enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy this read.



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