Watched “Wrestlemania – 38” over the weekend, pretty good… mostly predictable but a few shocking moments…

Yeah, I watched Wrestlemania 38 over the weekend. It was a pretty good ppv. Mostly “predictable”, the matches went by quick and there were only a couple of long ones. While it was mostly predictable, it was entertaining as hell show, though. They did a good job.

Only match I didn’t like was Charlotte vs. Ronda which was disappointing. Other than that it’s a good show….

Here are my favorite matches over the weekend:

– Seth vs. Cody
– Bianca vs. Becky
– Stone Cold vs. Kevin Owens
– RKBro vs. Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy
– Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn (I laughed my ass off, so hilarious)
– The Pat McAffee vs. Theory/Vince
– Roman vs. Brock (Pretty solid main event match)

Couple of shocking moments this year: Ronda loses to Charlotte (does this mean that Ronda’s WWE comeback was part-time and then she’ll disappear again???)

Damien Priest teams up with Edge… what was that about? Is Edge re-forming and reviving the Brood but with different members?

Not only Stone Cold wrestled his last match, Vince ended up having his last match as well .

I’ve been watching Wrestlemania every year and still do.

On with RAW after Wrestlemania tonight.


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