More great news for “Weird Al” fanatics!!! “UHF” and “The Compleat Al” getting BluRay/DVD releases!!!

Announced at SDCC, Shout Factory revealed that Weird Al’s featured film, “UHF” is finally getting a BluRay release and even more surprising news that the Weird Al Mockumentary that was made for TV, “The Compleat Al” is getting a DVD release. Both will be coming out in the fall, I believe.

After the success of Weird Al’s new album, “Mandatory Fun”, I’m sure that’ll help sell these two new releases pretty well!!! Now that more people are just discovering Weird Al, even more people will learn about “UHF” and “The Compleat Al”. “The Complete Al” is a mockumentary about his life and career, pretty much making fun of himself.

I’m glad UHF is getting a BluRay release. I’ll get “The Compleat Al” too ’cause I never seen it before.

I miss old school Weird Al. I still like him now but old school Weird Al was the funniest. I miss the curly hair, glasses and mustache look. I’m not that crazy about his look now where he has his long hair down, no glasses and clean shaven. I can see why he changed his look, though. Understandable.

Even though “UHF” bombed in theaters, it continues to sell well on VHS and DVD over the years. I’m sure it will be a big seller on BluRay too.


5 thoughts on “More great news for “Weird Al” fanatics!!! “UHF” and “The Compleat Al” getting BluRay/DVD releases!!!”

    1. I’ve never been to SDCC. I’ve always wanted to, though. Someday I will. When I go, I’ll have to come up with a geeky costume though. I’ll probably just dress up as Superman or something.

      I’ve been to San Diego a couple of times before but I haven’t gone to SDCC.

      I’m sure it’ll be a blast to go to.


      1. It’s somewhat tough to get in, though. And you got to put in hotel reservations early because the whole town sells out.

      2. I know, plus it’ll be a bitch to get to your favorite panels because of the large crowds and long lines.


      3. It still will be a lot of fun though to see all the different costumes and meet new people and stuff.


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