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What I liked and didn’t like about “Boyhood”…. *spoilers*

I thought I would talk more in detail about that “Boyhood” movie but this time I would include spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film yet, don’t read this post.

What I liked about the movie “Boyhood” was that a lot of that film reminded me of my own childhood.

Yeah, as I was growing up as a kid myself I experienced a lot of that stuff that kid went through in that movie. Yeah, I was bullied and picked on at school as I was growing up. I learned swear words at an early age like most kids and I also experimented with underage drinking (had my first drink at 18 actually) & tried smoking weed some. I also partied and hung out with kids who I shouldn’t have. I also experimented with looking at porn and nudie magazines at an early age too.

A lot of that stuff reminded me of my past as I’m sure a lot of that stuff in the film will remind you of your past as well. That’s one thing that I respected of the film was that it was based on a real life thing.

What I didn’t like about the film was that the writing had way too many problems. I expected the writing to be better than that. I thought a lot of the dialogue in the film were kind of cheesy and lame. The acting by most of the cast wasn’t the greatest either.

I also didn’t like how every time Mason’s mother (who is played by the talented, Patricia Arquette) got herself a new man, her new man turned out to be a short tempered drunk which we saw that throughout the entire film and that became repetitive and boring to me. I was kind of turned off by that and was like, come on… can you give this woman a break and make her happy for a change?  Come up with something new instead of attaching her to a short tempered drunk. We’ve seen that too many times in many other drama films anyways. *sigh*

This movie is just forgettable, ya know? You know how when “Titanic” with Leo Dicaprio first came out, everyone praised the hell out of that and now that film is the most hated film ever? The same will happen to this movie, “Boyhood”.

I just felt that the writing of “Boyhood” was a total mess. It needed to be more intense and more dramatic. I didn’t see any of that. I liked the film, it was “okay”… it just could have been better. I don’t think it deserves “Best Picture”.

No wonder liberals dig this movie so much ’cause the Evans family in this movie were die-hard liberals who happened to be big Obama supporters. Now it makes you wonder why Obama himself loved the film. I’m not knocking the film ’cause it promoted “liberalism”, I’m only knocking it ’cause of the writing.  The story had some plot holes for sure.

I think Patricia Arquette  helped make the movie watchable ’cause her acting in the film was phenomenal but everyone else? Meh. Even Ethan Hawke was boring.

I’m glad I waited for rental on this one.





“Boyhood” brief review…

Just finished watching the movie, “Boyhood” via Itunes Movie rental and it was a pretty long movie.
Hate to say this but the movie was just okay. It wasn’t really anything all that special so I never really understood all the praise??? This isn’t the first “coming of age” movie as I’m sure there are many others out there that are a lot better. I thought “Boyhood” was kind of overrated and there are plenty of drama films that are kind of similar. Richard Linklater is a talented film maker but this film was pretty disappointing and I expected something better.

I was impressed with Patricia Arquette’s role though… she did the best acting job in the whole cast and I think she’s gonna get an Oscar for that performance. That was the only thing I liked about the film.
With that being said, I thought the film was slightly boring. I hope it doesn’t get BEST PICTURE at the Oscars and it’s probably gonna anyway. As I was watching the movie “Boyhood”, I felt like watching Parenthood on NBC.

I still say Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” was my favorite film of 2014. “Boyhood” was alright, it’s just something I wouldn’t watch over and over again, ya know?

I would give “Boyhood” a score of 2 out of 5 as in “okay”. It wasn’t anything all that great.


What’s so special about that “Boyhood” movie??? To me, it doesn’t look so good…

I don’t get the hype of that “Boyhood” movie. I’m not gonna even see it in theater and gonna wait for DVD rental, I think. To me the movie doesn’t even look all that good. It looks like some boring typical drama where couples can get together to watch. Not my kind of thing. I’ll see it but when it comes out on DVD, I’ll check it out and rent it through Netflix. People are saying it’s the best film of the year and I don’t see how.

To me, Chris Nolan’s “Interstellar” is the best film of the year. I’m not interested in that “Boyhood” movie and I wouldn’t be surprised that “Boyhood” would be winning BEST PICTURE at the Oscars.

I respect Richard Linklater. That dude is a talented director as I loved what he did with “School of Rock” but “Boyhood” doesn’t look anything special.

I thought the “Fault In Our Stars” movie was much more interesting. The “Fault In Our Stars” movie was really good I thought, just not enough to make my top 15 movies of 2014.

“Boyhood” looks like that “Parenthood” TV show on NBC which is not my cup of tea.

People are acting like that “Boyhood” was the first film that took years to make. Wrong. David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” took 5 years and the Disney animated version of “Sleeping Beauty” took 8 years. James Cameron’s “Avatar” also took 10 years. The animated film “The Thief and the Cobbler” took 28 years to make so sorry “Boyhood”, not even close!!!


Jack Black reunites with School of Rock kids in celebration of 10 year anniversary…



Jack Black reunited with some of the cast members of the 2003 comedy film, “School of Rock”, as you can see in the photo here. It is in celebration of the film’s 10th Anniversary. In this photo are just 5 of the kids from the School of Rock band, not the whole gang. I believe this photo was sent by Miranda Cosgrove who plays Summer in the film (she’s pictured bottom row, center). The kids look pretty much the same, they’re just a bit older now.

There have been talks on a sequel for years but Jack said last year, he tried really hard to get Richard Linklater (the director) and Mike White (screenwriter) back together for the sequel but he failed. Jack is dying to make the sequel happen himself but he wouldn’t do it without the film’s original creators. Mike White is the film’s screenwriter and actor who also has a role in the film as Ned Schneebly.

I think a sequel would be great ’cause “School of Rock” is actually a wonderful film. It’s one of my favorite comedies. It’s also a pretty realistic movie too. You can actually learn about rock n’ roll from it.

“School of Rock” is one of those films, I can watch over and over… never get tired of it.


BREAKING NEWS: School of Rock sequel is greenlighted! Richard Linklater is set to direct and Jack Black will play Dewey Finn again!!!!!!!

Oh my! This news came to me as a huge surprise! While there were worries that a “School of Rock 2” sequel will never get made, Paramount just gave the film the greenlight to get made. Director Richard Linklater is confirmed to direct the sequel and Jack Black is confirmed to reprise his role as Dewey Finn.

Several weeks ago it was reported that screenwriter/actor Mike White sent in a final script for Paramount, the studio must of loved it. The title to the next sequel is “School of Rock 2: America Rocks”. The synopsis for “School of Rock 2: America Rocks” revolves around Dewey Finn and his musical students who own their own music school as left off from the first one, they go on a cross country field trip to learn more about the history of rock n’ roll and explore other genres such as blues, rap, and country.

Variety Reports:



Please make Sarah Silverman and Joan Cusack return again!

Since “School of Rock 2” is touring in the next one, I expect a lot of famous rock stars appearing in cameos.

Looking forward to the sequel, indeed. Can’t wait! Lets celebrate with the video below! wOOt!