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I think the movie “Contagion” just came true… did the movie predict what may happen?

Everything going on right now in real life just happened in that movie “Contagion”… a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh and a film that has an all-star cast. A sci-fi thriller film that is about a virus outbreak and America goes to shutdown. It seems that in the movie they try to practice social distancing just like happening in real life right now.

I’ve seen “Contagion” several times before and they had this idea long before covid-19 and everything in that film is dead-on of what’s going on now. Crazy if you think about it but watch the old trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m sure many of you have seen the movie too. haha…. Now I’m thinking that “Contagion” just predicted of what may happen in the future and we’re living in that right now.


Film Review: The Martian…

Starring: Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara

Directed by: Ridley Scott

So I went and saw the movie, “The Martian” today and here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

I read the book before I saw the movie. While the movie was pretty faithful to the book and followed along pretty well; however, it was of course a little different. The movie is always different from the book so it’s nothing new anyways.

I thought the movie was really good but did I think it was the best movie of the year, though? No, definitely not. The movie was enjoyable and entertaining as hell, though. I thought it was Matt Damon’s best role and he should get Oscar nominated for this one for sure. Of course, the movie was beautifully filmed ’cause Ridley Scott is always the master at visuals and cinematography.

I thought the movie was well-written and well-acted by the cast; however, my only disappointment was that it shouldn’t have been rated PG-13. It should have been R rated ’cause the book was full of swearing. In the movie version, they pretty much took out most of the swearing. Part of what made the book entertaining is all the swearing. There is this character named Annie Montrose who Kristen Wiig plays. Her character says the word “fuck” a lot in the book but in the movie version, she hasn’t said one swear word. In the book, Annie Montrose was the only character who swore a lot other than Mark Watney. That’s my only negative about the movie was that Annie didn’t swear ’cause that’s part of what made her character work in the book.

I didn’t know Jeff Daniels could play in a serious role like that ’cause he’s mostly well-known for playing in goofy comedies like “Dumb and Dumber”. It was different seeing Jeff in a role like that for sure.

Other than that, it was a real good movie, I enjoyed it for the most part… just wished they kept all the swearing. It’s definitely not the best film of the year, though, it’s too early to decide that yet ’cause keep in mind, y’all, we still have “The Force Awakens” coming.

Score for “The Martian”… *** 3 stars as in “good”.


Cool Video: “Elysium” looks surprisingly interesting…

As much as I hate Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, I think the sci-fi/action movie, “Elysium”, looks surprisingly interesting. I remember seeing the movie, “District 9”, in theater when it first came out, and loving that film. Count me in for this one.

Check out the trailer in the link below.



Report: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon re-teaming for Whitey Bulger biopic…

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon haven’t done anything new together since 1997’s, “Good Will Hunting”, in which they both won an Oscar for, “Best Screenplay”. The two best friends will finally get together again for the big screen. They will take on the story of Whitey Bulger, the notorious mob boss from Boston, who was just captured in California, earlier this year.

The script will be written by “Boardwalk Empire”, creator and writer, Terrence Winter. Ben Affleck will direct and co-star as Whitey Bulger. Matt Damon will have a role as well. Warner Bros. also asked Ben if he’ll direct a new version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” but Ben has not yet responded if he will or not. I have a feeling that Ben will not direct, “The Stand” due to agreeing with the Whitey Bulger project instead.

Deadline, reports.

Very nice! I really enjoyed that movie, “The Town”. I’m not much of a Ben Affleck fan either, but “The Town” was awesome. I think that was his best movie in a long time. I’m sure Ben will make the Whitey Bulger movie violent and action packed as well.

Ben and Matt’s been best friends for years, they grew up together. Nice to see them do something again, finally.



Film Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Terence Stamp

Directed by: George Nolfi

So today I decided to go to the mall for something to do. For shopping, I didn’t get too much this time. I just picked up “127 Hours” on DVD and picked up “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” book. That was it.On with the review:

Plot/Synopsis: Matt Damon plays a New York City politician named, David Morris who is running for New York State Senate. While doing his politics stuff, David meets a woman named Elise who is a ballet dancer and they immediately fall in love. It was love at first sight. While David is concentrating on the election, strange men come after him to hold him captive in a warehouse where the men told him about the Adjustment Bureau. The Adjustment Bureau have control of everything and their goal was to keep David and his girlfriend, Elise apart.

I saw this film because it was getting a lot of positive reviews from critics and movie fans online. When I went and saw this, I thought it was pretty good, but not the best film ever. Why? For a few reasons. First of all, I don’t really care for Matt Damon too much. Even though I’ve seen plenty of his movies and he has been in some good ones, I just don’t like his acting style. Matt Damon is a little overrated for my taste.

Secondly, I think this film kind of ripped off the plot from the 1998 sci-fi film, “Dark City”. Both films have very similar plot points. Where a guy finds himself having a group of men and having control of things. Dark City is about a guy who wakes up and loses his memory and is wanted for murders, and he is being controlled by a group of people called, The Strangers. See how “Dark City” is similar to this movie? That is another thing that turned me off about, “The Adjustment Bureau”.

Other than that, I did like the film, it’s just that I feel it’s a wait for DVD thing. It’s a rental, in my opinion. Terence Stamp gave a great performance, I think that’s what I liked most about it. Most people loved, “The Adjustment Bureau” but that’s probably because most people haven’t seen “Dark City”. I suggest you to watch “Dark City”. It’s a way better film.

Score for “The Adjustment Bureau” = (** = “2 stars” as in okay)


Report: Tony Gilroy begins casting for new Jason Bourne movie, several actors are up for the leading role…

The new Jason Bourne, spin off film is about to start production this fall, and the film’s director, Tony Gilroy, is on the hunt for the film’s new leading star. Gilroy met up with many different actors who are in the hopes of getting the opportunity. Keep in mind though, the next actor will not be replacing Matt Damon. The next film will have nothing to do with Jason Bourne, it’s going to be a completely new different story.

Matt Damon said no to starring in the next Bourne flick ’cause he wouldn’t do it without Paul Greengrass, directing. So they had to re-write the story. Actors possibly in the running for the role: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Taylor Kitsch, Michael Fassbender, and many more.

Deadline, reports.

My pick would be Taylor Kitsch. Taylor deserves this huge opportunity. He needs this recognition. I really hope Gyllenhaal and Maguire don’t get it.


Thought: Could the Coen Bros. win big at the Oscars again this year?

Why didn’t “True Grit” get any nominations for the Golden Globes this year? Probably because the film came out too late. “True Grit” may possibly get some nominations for the Oscars though. Just because the “Social Network” won big at the Golden Globes last night, doesn’t mean the film will win at the Oscars. The Coen Bros. first won big at the Oscars in 2008 for the film, “No Country For Old Men”. This could be Coen Bros. year again. Don’t be surprised.


Film Review: Hereafter

Starring: Matt Damon, Cecile De France, Jay Mohr

Directed by Clint Eastwood

So I’ve just seen the movie, “Hereafter”, today and here is my review.

Plot/Synopsis: Marie Lelay, a French TV journalist goes on vacation by the Indian Ocean, until she becomes a victim of a dangerous, tsunami there. After her near death experience with the tsunami, she plans to write a book about it. George Lonnegan (Matt Damon’s character) is a retired psychic, who has the ability to speak with people who are dead. Throughout the movie, people have become obsessed with George’s power ’cause they want to hear about their loved ones in the after life.

Please be aware that this movie is a slow pacing drama. It’s not the big special effects movie that the trailers made it out to be. The movie is still really good though. I thought it told an interesting story. It’s basically about life after death. My only problem with the film, is that I didn’t like Matt Damon being the leading star of the film. I think a movie like this is more fitting for an actor with talent. I can see someone like Josh Brolin or Robert Downey Jr., playing the lead in this film. Matt Damon is an okay actor, but he’s kind of overrated. I saw the movie ’cause the story looked interesting to me, I didn’t see it ’cause Matt was in it.

If you get bored with slow drama films, then this isn’t your film. I think Eastwood wanted to make a movie like this ’cause he’s getting old and he always wondered what it would be like with life after death. The script probably reminded him of his own life. The other actors in the movie, did a great acting job though. I was impressed with Jay Mohr’s character, who is a legendary stand up comedian and occasional film actor. Cecille De France is a great actress from Belgium, didn’t even know who she was until I saw her in this movie. The movie is mostly spoken in French since the people in the film are French, so there will be a lot of subtitles in the film.

This is not the best Clint Eastwood directed movie, he’s directed better movies in the past, definitely, but I liked his new one, “Hereafter”. The story to “Hereafter” may seem boring to you, but once you start watching the film, you’ll say to yourself, “This is really interesting storytelling”. Nobody wants to know what it’s like to die. Everybody wants to know what life is like after death. That’s the idea of the film here. It seems that Clint is a religious man and this might be his way of expressing it. I really liked, “Hereafter”, I just wished Clint picked a better leading star ’cause I don’t see this film landing in the Oscars this time around, although I do see Jay Mohr landing a nomination for his role though.

Score for “Hereafter” = (*** = 3 stars as in “good”)


Report: Jason Bourne 4 director found…film will be directed by Tony Gilroy…

Universal Pictures, has officially found their director for Jason Bourne 4. The new director is Tony Gilroy. Gilroy also did, “Duplicity”, and, “Michael Clayton”. Don’t count on Matt Damon coming back for Bourne 4 ’cause it looks like it won’t happen. Damon won’t do it without Paul Greengrass. So look like we’re gonna get a different actor for, Jason Bourne. It also sounds like they are re-booting the entire franchise as this article said they are going back to the beggining, not continuing from the last Bourne movie.

See the article here at, Deadline.

Could the franchise be successful without Matt Damon? To be honest with you, yes it could be successful easily. Hope they find a good actor for the next, Jason Bourne. I’m a big fan of the Jason Bourne stories. Huge fan. If James Bond and Jack Ryan can go through so many different actors, the same will happen with the Jason Bourne movies.

Who should be the next Jason Bourne? I hope it won’t be Jeremy Renner or Channing Tatum.

I would like Jason Ritter from NBC’s “The Event”, to be the new Bourne. That show, “The Event” is almost Bourne like, Jason Ritter might be a good pick.


Report: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are re-teaming for Warner Bros…but for producing…

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are re-teaming for Hollywood again after all these years. Warner Bros. is in negotiations with the two stars for a first look producing deal. For now, Ben and Matt will only be producing. No word if they’ll star in together or write a film together as they did for “Good Will Hunting”, but who knows. Maybe they will star/write a film together for Warner Bros. I hope so, ’cause I really liked, “Good Will Hunting” a lot!

Variety Reports: