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I think the movie “Contagion” just came true… did the movie predict what may happen?

Everything going on right now in real life just happened in that movie “Contagion”… a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh and a film that has an all-star cast. A sci-fi thriller film that is about a virus outbreak and America goes to shutdown. It seems that in the movie they try to practice social distancing just like happening in real life right now.

I’ve seen “Contagion” several times before and they had this idea long before covid-19 and everything in that film is dead-on of what’s going on now. Crazy if you think about it but watch the old trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m sure many of you have seen the movie too. haha…. Now I’m thinking that “Contagion” just predicted of what may happen in the future and we’re living in that right now.


BREAKING NEWS: And the new Perry White for Zack Snyder’s “Superman: Man of Steel” is???

Hmmmm, what’s funny is that I just got done watching “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” on Blu Ray and a new Superman casting has been announced for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film. Perry White has finally been casted! Laurence Fishburne will be the Daily Planet boss.

Read more on the story, here.

So they’re going for a black Perry White this time? Interesting! I like the casting. I’m sure Laurence will kill it!



Report: Montana Fishburne playboy issue is on the way!!!

We all probably knew it was gonna happen! It was obvious! Montana Fishburne cover issue coming soon for Playboy magazine! Surprise! Surprise! Yes, these pics are nude and uncensored. The Brock here certainly loves the pics! Laurence certainly has a hot daughter! I’ll definitely buy the magazine when it comes out.

Always wanted to see Laurence’s daughter nude, in all her glory? Well check ’em out here.



Thought: I think Laurence Fishburne is nothing but a jealous father, nothing more!!!

So, it was reported in gossip news today that Laurence Fishburne, wants nothing to do with his own daughter. As long as she’s getting into the porn business, he wants nothing to do with her. Then she says the reason he’s upset is because she used the Fishburne name as her porn name.

More on it here:


So who is the real douchebag here? I’m still on Montana’s side. Laurence is just a jealous asshole. Like I said, he’s afraid that her getting into porn will kill his own acting career, get the hint when he says he doesn’t want her using the Fishburne name. He thinks her acting career in the porn industry might be more successful than his own acting career.

Like her plans of getting into porn or not, these are her decisions. This is America, the freedom that we can do what we want to do in life. If women want to make a living getting into porn or becoming a stripper at a strip club, hey, it’s better than becoming a prostitute.

Montana badly wants to get into the porn industry. It’s what you need to do to make your career dreams come true. Keep going forward with your dream and not letting negativity get in the way with it. That’s how Jenna Jameson got there, she went from being a stripper in a shithole club in her teen years to become the world’s biggest porn star today. There’s a couple of reasons why I think people are hating on Montana for her career dreams. 1) She has a famous father 2) She’s black.

If she was a hot white babe with blonde hair and has huge breast implants, then the world would love her for this.


BREAKING NEWS: Laurence Fishburne signs as the new lead for “CSI”…

About a month ago, I reported that Laurence Fishburne was in negotations to star in “CSI” to take over William Peterson. It seems that Fishburne is game for the TV series because he just signed a deal, so it’s official. Laurence Fishburne to star in CSI.

Variety Reports:


Nice! I’ll have to watch the first episode that Fishburne will star in to see how he does.


Report: Laurence Fishburne in talks of replacing William Peterson for “CSI”…

An iconic movie star is about ready to have a huge TV role by replacing a departing William Peterson. That is Laurence Fishburne. You have probably seen Fishburne through the Matrix trilogy which is his most well known movie role.

Fishburne will not play the role of Gil Grissom, CSI will write a new character for him.

More on it here:


A lot of big name actors have been dropping from movies to doing TV shows lately…really weird.

Laurence Fishburne rules though, I think he’s a good choice.