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BREAKING NEWS: Laurence Fishburne signs as the new lead for “CSI”…

About a month ago, I reported that Laurence Fishburne was in negotations to star in “CSI” to take over William Peterson. It seems that Fishburne is game for the TV series because he just signed a deal, so it’s official. Laurence Fishburne to star in CSI.

Variety Reports:


Nice! I’ll have to watch the first episode that Fishburne will star in to see how he does.


Report: Laurence Fishburne in talks of replacing William Peterson for “CSI”…

An iconic movie star is about ready to have a huge TV role by replacing a departing William Peterson. That is Laurence Fishburne. You have probably seen Fishburne through the Matrix trilogy which is his most well known movie role.

Fishburne will not play the role of Gil Grissom, CSI will write a new character for him.

More on it here:


A lot of big name actors have been dropping from movies to doing TV shows lately…really weird.

Laurence Fishburne rules though, I think he’s a good choice.


BREAKING NEWS: William Peterson quits “CSI”…

William Peterson the actor who plays the iconic character, Gil Grissom is leaving the longtime hit TV show “CSI”. He had played in the show since it’s debut episode way back in the year 2000 when the show first started. The show is still going strong for 8 seasons. Peterson says he wants to move on to try other things in his acting career. This isn’t the first time that CSI lost cast members, not too long ago, the show lost Gary Dourdan and Jorja Fox. Peterson will still work for the show, however, he won’t act much, he’ll remain as executive producer. He’ll only appear in a few episodes occasionally.

More on it here:


My thoughts?

Simply put, good for him! He’s an excellent actor. It’s about time for him to move on and hopefully do some hollywood movies in leading roles. Maybe that’s why he wants to leave, he wants to get movie roles. I hope he does play a leading role in a film sometime down the road.