Report: Tony Gilroy begins casting for new Jason Bourne movie, several actors are up for the leading role…

The new Jason Bourne, spin off film is about to start production this fall, and the film’s director, Tony Gilroy, is on the hunt for the film’s new leading star. Gilroy met up with many different actors who are in the hopes of getting the opportunity. Keep in mind though, the next actor will not be replacing Matt Damon. The next film will have nothing to do with Jason Bourne, it’s going to be a completely new different story.

Matt Damon said no to starring in the next Bourne flick ’cause he wouldn’t do it without Paul Greengrass, directing. So they had to re-write the story. Actors possibly in the running for the role: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Taylor Kitsch, Michael Fassbender, and many more.

Deadline, reports.

My pick would be Taylor Kitsch. Taylor deserves this huge opportunity. He needs this recognition. I really hope Gyllenhaal and Maguire don’t get it.


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