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Film Review: “X-Men: Apocalypse”

Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner

Directed by: Bryan Singer

So today I’ve just seen the new “X-Men: Apocalypse” and here is my review.

Plot/Synopsis: With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.

I’m a huge fan of the X-Men movies but this one was kind of disappointing to be honest with you. Reasons being is that no. 1 is that it had way too much CGI. I think this film overdone it with the CGI… I felt like I was watching a huge computer game on screen or something. Reason 2 it wasn’t that good is because I thought the writing was a mess and it’s just a typical popcorn film. The movie is a full 2 and a half hours long. The film had too many characters, in my opinion.

I do have a few positives of the film, though. I like seeing Sophie Turner who played Jean Grey. Sophia Turner mostly famous for playing Sansa Stark in the “Game of Thrones” series. She did a great job in the film too. As usual, I think Michael Fassbender makes a great young Magneto.

It’s just a disappointing film and kind of boring. I did like how it explained the friendship of Xavier and Magneto though which is one thing we’ve all been wondering for years. With that being sad, this film wasn’t all that great and nothing special.

I’ll give it a 2 out of 5 stars as in “okay”.


About the Jimmy Page and Lori thing…

About the Jimmy Page and Lori thing, maybe it is true after all ’cause here is a video of Lori herself explaining the whole kidnapping thing but like I said before it wasn’t a bad kidnapping.  It seems that Lori was willing to get kidnapped. She was crazy in love with him and she was willing to do anything with him. From the way Lori explained sounds like they were just playing around and having fun with the kidnapping incident. Sounds like it was all in good fun. That’s all it was pretty much.

Like I repeatedly said before, this was a pretty common thing for rock stars back in those days. They were ALL sleeping with underage groupies. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Doors, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, etc. It may have been disgusting and creepy sure but that’s how it was back then. You guys know that, you’re just being delusional assholes like usual. All of your favorite rock bands and singers have slept with underage girls.

It’s very strange how 20 or 30 years later people learn about Jimmy and Lori dating, yet people have a different opinion on him and then they stop supporting him ’cause they accuse him of being a pedophile.

I find it wrong for you guys to compare the Jimmy Page and Bryan Singer incidents together ’cause they are both completely different. The Jimmy Page and Lori thing was willing, the Bryan Singer incident he was accused of drugging and raping a boy. Singer’s was more dangerous and creepy than Jimmy’s.

On top of that, back in the 70’s in rock n’ roll it was common for rock stars to sleep with underage women. The rock industry is no longer like that anymore. In Hollywood, the industry is full of pedophiles and predators. It always has been and still is a huge problem.

You guys know exactly what I’m talking about, you’re just trying to piss me off, that’s all you’re doing.

I don’t support pedophiles and loathe them yes but it doesn’t make me a hypocrite for being a fan of Jimmy Page. It was different in rock n’ roll. If you’re offended at Jimmy Page’s actions then you must be upset with all the other bands you love ’cause they all did the same thing.

Another thing, you guys seem to be complaining about my hate toward pedophiles and predators so it seems to me that you are the one who are actually defending them. That makes you the hypocrite. Not me.

This is my final words on the Jimmy Page and Lori thing ’cause I’m done debating this garbage. Next time I discuss Led Zeppelin or Jimmy Page and if you guys bring up the Lori thing again, I’ll just delete your comments. It amazes me that people don’t get over this when all of your favorite rock stars have done similar things to groupies. They’ve all done crazy things to groupies take a look at the band KISS, perfect example. Guns N’ Roses and Metallica are a few more.

I’m sure the groupie thing still goes on in rock & metal to this day but not as bad as it was in the old days.


Why I refuse to see “X-Men: Days of Future Past”…

While the latest X-Men movie, “Days of Future Past” looks really good, I refuse to see it in theater ’cause I don’t feel comfortable putting my money toward a director who might be a pedophile. As you all know Bryan Singer is the latest celebrity who is being accused of child abuse. He might be a child molester and I refuse to support him at this time.

I was gonna see it in theater but after the big news story of Bryan Singer’s child molester allegations, I don’t think it’s a good idea to support him right now.

That’s why I have decided that I am gonna see Disney’s “Maleficient” instead next week. I’ll still check out “Days of Future Past” though but I might wait for DVD rental on that one.

It’s amazing to me that so many fans would still go see the new X-Men movie despite Singer’s child abuse allegations.

I’m looking forward to “Maleficient” next week and will review it on video after I see it.


Happy 75 years, Superman…

Today officially marks the 75th Anniversary of Superman. The first Superman “Action Comics” was published: April 18th, 1938.

Superman is over hyped for a lot of reasons. First of all, the character means so much to so many people — including me. Secondly, the character just rules and he is the king of all superheroes. I loved Superman ever since I was a kid and still love him now. Watched all the Superman movies over the years, the George Reeves TV show, and all the Max Fleischer cartoons. Of course, I read a lot of comics as well.

What mattered to people the most was the Superman films; most notably, the films with Christopher Reeve who helped made the character more iconic. Chris Reeve will always be the best Superman of them all. Nobody will be able to top him ever. Not even Henry Cavill or Brandon Routh. I thought “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II” were both amazing films but “III” was pretty good — “The Quest For Peace” was garbage. Then comes “Superman: Returns” in which Bryan Singer directed; that film was okay but needed a lot of improvements and the script was a mess.

Here comes the new Superman flick, “Man of Steel”, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. The trailer was released this week to help celebrate the 75 years of Superman. I can’t wait for, “Man Of Steel”. I’m sure it will be a Superman flick that will make all of us fanboys happy.

I’ll post the trailer again.


Cool Photo: So is Patrick Stewart returning to X-Men after all???

Earlier last year, it was reported that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart is returning to Bryan Singer’s, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” film. It was confirmed that Ian is set to return as Magneto, but Patrick denied it and said it wasn’t true, at first. It appears that Patrick maybe reprising his role as Professor X. Look like Patrick is in negotiations with Singer, check out this photo that Singer tweeted, here.

Still looking good there Cpt. Picard! Speaking of Cpt. Picard, I went back to watching Star Trek: TNG on Netflix (after completing, “House of Cards”), and I’m just starting Season 3.


Hugh Jackman just won’t give up the Wolverine character…

Even if Hugh Jackman still has James Mangold’s, “The Wolverine“, coming out in 2013, which I plan to see, he’s not yet, done with the character. Jackman is currently in negotiations, to return as the Wolverine once again in Singer’s, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” the sequel to “X-Men: First Class”. Jackman has played the Wolverine character too much. From the original X-Men trilogy to the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” film.

How much longer is Jackman planning to keep playing this character? The man is 44 years old now, and I can see him stopping somewhere at 55 – 60. He is talented and I can’t see no one else playing the Wolverine but, Jackman.

The Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character. He must love this character too much and you can tell. Will Jackman’s appearance in “Days of Future Past” will be a big one? I don’t think so, sounds like it maybe a cameo appearance to me but we’ll wait and see. “Days of Future Past” is getting even more interesting. I thought “X-Men: First Class” was great, hopefully this film will be even better, now that Singer is back at the helm.


Edit to add: I forgot, Hugh Jackman did have a cameo in “X-Men: First Class” too, but he wasn’t quite the Wolverine yet…

Report: Bryan Singer announces Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen will return for the upcoming “X-Men” film…

This is great news! Bryan Singer announced the surprising news today, that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen will be reprising their roles for the upcoming, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” film. There will be the young Professor X/Magneto and the old ones. Keep in mind that the new X-Men movies are prequels to the trilogy, so it’s looking like Patrick and Ian will have their appearances in the new film in smaller roles for the end of the movie, when the characters are grown up.

It’ll be nice to finally see Patrick Stewart back on the big screen, in a big way, finally. Patrick slowed down in acting so he can do theater and Broadway stuff like, “Macbeth”. Patrick still acted in film but he did a lot of voice work for animated films and smaller projects.

Patrick last had a cameo as Professor X, in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009. It’ll be nice to see him in a longer role, this time.

More on the story, here.


Report: Bryan Singer confirmed to direct & produce, “The Munsters” re-boot for NBC, another bomb coming???

NBC have been getting a lot of bombs with their TV shows lately like, “The Playboy Club”, “Wonder Woman”, etc. The list can go on. Could “The Munsters”, reboot be next?

Deadline, reports.

There’s no fuckin’ way they’re gonna find actors that will be able to top Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis. I loved, “The Munsters”. It’s one of my favorite TV shows  of all time. I used to watch it as a young kid. I was pretty obsessed with the show. This re-boot is going to suck and I feel that another flop is coming for NBC. Leave the Munsters alone.



What the new “Superman” movie needs to be successful…

How do you make a “Superman” movie successful? Simply put, it needs to be right. It needs to stay true to the Superman comics and give what the fans want.

In my belief, here is what fans want to see in the upcoming Superman flick that WB’s and Christopher Nolan is planning:

  • Keep the John Williams main opening title theme song – They need to keep this theme song. Without it the movie would bomb terribly. If they had a different score composer do a different theme song, it would create a huge backlash from fans. You know, the music where they show outer space and the text just fly at you through the stars. They need to keep that
  • Less Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman romance – Haven’t we’ve seen enough of this already?
  • Keep the Marlon Brando flashback, make it longer, and make it have more meaning and more powerful. The Marlon Brando sequence for “Superman: Returns” was special but it needs to be better. I think Christopher Nolan could help WB’s make that scene better.
  • Good acting with Lex Luthor – If they’re going to use Lex Luthor as a villain in the next one which they probably will, I’d suggest they find an actor with talent. It shouldn’t be Kevin Spacey again. They really need a special actor who can make this Lex Luthor role to be good enough for an Oscar potential. Maybe good enough to top Heath Ledger’s Joker at least.
  • Use a villain that hasn’t been used in any of the films before – Brainiac is a perfect choice. Hope they use him.
  • Make it action packed – The action in Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns” was pretty good but honestly there wasn’t a lot of action in that movie. It focused more on the story and the Lois Lane/Superman romance. Christopher Nolan will probably make this new movie action packed and violent just like his Batman flicks. The movie needs to be a fun action ride at the edge of your seat just like “The Dark Knight” was.
  • Superman needs to save people – Again there wasn’t a whole lot of this in “Superman:  Returns”. Superman needs to save more people in Metropolis.
  • The Superman/Clark Kent actor shouldn’t be a big name star, should be an unknown. Christopher Reeve was an unknown when he got signed for “Superman- The Movie”, they need to do the same for the next one.
  • Make the movie long – “The Dark Knight” was quite a long flick, pretty much a little over 2 and a half hours. “Superman Returns” was about that long too. The next movie should be long. If it’s going to be a short 90 minute film, that would dissapoint Superman fans.
  • Have great sounds and great special effects – I’m sure there would be both. I especially expect the next Supes flick to have great theater surround sound. Imagine loud crashing sounds and explosions that could sound like a rumble of thunder through your speakers. Aaaaaaahhhhh, I love that. For example, Superman fighting Brainiac in Metropolis, crashing into buildings and all that fun stuff. Just imagine that fight scene Brainiac vs. Superman. This is why I hope they use Brainiac ’cause that would be an awesome villain.



Edit to add: I thought I would add a nice video from the “Superman” cartoon where Superman fights Brainiac. Imagine if there was a live action version of the Brainiac vs. Superman fight scene on the big screen. See how cool Brainiac would be as the next villain.

Report: Will Sir Patrick Stewart return as Professor Xavier in Singer’s “X-Men: First Class”?

So Bryan Singer has officially signed on to direct the next installment of X-Men which the  next one will be titled, “X-Men: First Class”. This one sounds like more of a prequel because this will focus on a young Professor Xavier and a young Magneto.

The question is, will Patrick Stewart agree to return to the next, “X-Men” movie? We all know Patrick won’t play the young Xavier since he is too old obviously. I imagine that the film will start off as the young Xavier and young Magneto leading up to their adult years.

Singer will probably sign Patrick as the adult Xavier for the film, as well. We haven’t yet heard if Patrick Stewart will return, but I’m sure we will hear something soon. Maybe even Ian Mckellen will return as the adult Magneto as well.

Patrick Stewart took time off from Hollywood to work Broadway theatre full time. He’s still doing Broadway I believe. So  hopefully Patrick will return, we’ll have to cross our fingers.

I miss Patrick on the big screen. He’s a fine actor that deserves an Oscar award for a certain role at some point. I’m sure he’ll return to X-Men.