Hugh Jackman just won’t give up the Wolverine character…

Even if Hugh Jackman still has James Mangold’s, “The Wolverine“, coming out in 2013, which I plan to see, he’s not yet, done with the character. Jackman is currently in negotiations, to return as the Wolverine once again in Singer’s, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” the sequel to “X-Men: First Class”. Jackman has played the Wolverine character too much. From the original X-Men trilogy to the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” film.

How much longer is Jackman planning to keep playing this character? The man is 44 years old now, and I can see him stopping somewhere at 55 – 60. He is talented and I can’t see no one else playing the Wolverine but, Jackman.

The Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character. He must love this character too much and you can tell. Will Jackman’s appearance in “Days of Future Past” will be a big one? I don’t think so, sounds like it maybe a cameo appearance to me but we’ll wait and see. “Days of Future Past” is getting even more interesting. I thought “X-Men: First Class” was great, hopefully this film will be even better, now that Singer is back at the helm.


Edit to add: I forgot, Hugh Jackman did have a cameo in “X-Men: First Class” too, but he wasn’t quite the Wolverine yet…

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