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Hugh Jackman reveals title of new Wolverine movie and poster released for it too…

Hugh Jackman just revealed the title for the next Wolverine movie. It will also be the final Wolverine movie that Hugh will play. The next Wolverine film will be simply titled, “Logan” and the film is coming out on March 3rd in 2017.

The movie poster was exclusively revealed in NYC on a building as you can see in the photos above. Hugh Jackman himself poses in front of the building.

I’ve seen all the X-Men movies and all the Wolverine films so I’m looking forward to the next one too. I’m a big Wolverine fan. We’ll get a teaser trailer pretty soon.



Cool Photo: Patrick Stewart claims he just had his first pizza today…

Patrick Stewart who is most famous for his roles in, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and the “X-Men” movies tweeted a photo of himself eating pizza at a restaurant in NYC this afternoon. Patrick claims he never had pizza before and this was his first slice. Keep in mind that Patrick is around 70 years old now and after all these years, he never had a pizza in his life ever? That could explain why the man has always been so skinny! Maybe he has always been on a healthy diet for most of his life? That could be why. Patrick is currently living in NYC and he also has a home in L.A. He switches back and forth for his work in acting.

Patrick is quickly becoming quite the internet sensation. His tweet about Time Warner Cable blew up all over the internet earlier this year, and now Captain Picard has become popular for facebook Meme’s. You see Cpt. Picard Meme’s all over facebook; those “WTF” ones are most popular. Now expect this pizza photo to be all over the internet.

This just proves that “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is still popular to this day. It is a really good show. I’ve been watching “Star Trek: TNG” on Netflix for the past couple of months or so and just starting season 5. I still remember all of these episodes like I’ve just seen them yesterday.

See Patrick Stewart eating pizza photo, here.


Hugh Jackman just won’t give up the Wolverine character…

Even if Hugh Jackman still has James Mangold’s, “The Wolverine“, coming out in 2013, which I plan to see, he’s not yet, done with the character. Jackman is currently in negotiations, to return as the Wolverine once again in Singer’s, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” the sequel to “X-Men: First Class”. Jackman has played the Wolverine character too much. From the original X-Men trilogy to the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” film.

How much longer is Jackman planning to keep playing this character? The man is 44 years old now, and I can see him stopping somewhere at 55 – 60. He is talented and I can’t see no one else playing the Wolverine but, Jackman.

The Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character. He must love this character too much and you can tell. Will Jackman’s appearance in “Days of Future Past” will be a big one? I don’t think so, sounds like it maybe a cameo appearance to me but we’ll wait and see. “Days of Future Past” is getting even more interesting. I thought “X-Men: First Class” was great, hopefully this film will be even better, now that Singer is back at the helm.


Edit to add: I forgot, Hugh Jackman did have a cameo in “X-Men: First Class” too, but he wasn’t quite the Wolverine yet…

Report: Hugh Jackman ordered to gain 25 lbs of muscle for “Wolverine” sequel…

Director, Darren Aronofsky ordered Huck Jackman, that he needs to add 25 lbs of muscle, for the next, “Wolverine” film, before they start filming in the Spring. Jackman admits that is going to be very difficult for him to do. He couldn’t figure out how he would do it. So what does he do to find out how? He calls up Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to get fitness advice from. Dwayne gained 25 lbs. of muscle quickly for his role of his new movie, “Faster”. The secret is build muscle for six pound a week, 6,000 calories a day. That means a lot of eating and a lot of hard work in the gym.

Read the full story, here.

I know some people are going to say that this is impossible to do. No one could add 25 lbs of muscle in that quick period of time, but believe it or not, it can be done successfully. How can it be done? Well, I think Hugh Jackman is gonna do a lot of work. Do a lot of brutal training. That means, lots of heavy lifting. Doing lots of cardio. Eating a lot of protein and calories. Maybe supplements too if he plans on doing that. I’m sure Hugh Jackman will hire personal trainers to help him reach that goal.

Jackman is a very built guy, but looks like Aronofsky, wants him to be even more jacked for this role. Sounds like this is going to be a violent action movie. More violent than the last Wolverine movie.

It is possible to gain lbs. of muscle in a quick period of time…because I did it myself. Maybe not 25lbs in one whole year, but I know I gained a 8-10 lbs of muscle quickly. When I first got into bodybuilding, I weighed about 140 lbs. Now I’m 150 lbs, exact. I’m not fat ’cause I eat good and do a lot of cardio, so I know I’m gaining muscle big time. People assume it takes years to build a good physique but if you do it right, you can get some good muscle in a year.

I’m sure Jackman would do this with no problem at all!


Report: Patrick Stewart is not doing “Mad Max: Fury Road” and he’s also NOT doing “X-Men: First Class”…

Is Patrick Stewart done with Hollywood for good??? I hope not. If you’re hoping for him to make a return to Hollywood, look like it’s not going to be anytime soon. Patrick Stewart shot down rumours that he’ll be starring in “Mad Max: Fury Road”. He also confirms he’s done with Professor Xavier for “X-Men” ’cause he don’t expect to be involved.

Check out the two articles below:


and here:


Now let the retirement from Hollywood rumours begin for Patrick! I really hope he isn’t done with Hollywood for good and I hope he’ll do a new movie soon.

See? Even Ain’t It Cool get their facts wrong. They do it all the time. They’re another website known for sparking rumours that aren’t true such as this. AICN is bad movie journalism anyways.


Report: Will Sir Patrick Stewart return as Professor Xavier in Singer’s “X-Men: First Class”?

So Bryan Singer has officially signed on to direct the next installment of X-Men which the  next one will be titled, “X-Men: First Class”. This one sounds like more of a prequel because this will focus on a young Professor Xavier and a young Magneto.

The question is, will Patrick Stewart agree to return to the next, “X-Men” movie? We all know Patrick won’t play the young Xavier since he is too old obviously. I imagine that the film will start off as the young Xavier and young Magneto leading up to their adult years.

Singer will probably sign Patrick as the adult Xavier for the film, as well. We haven’t yet heard if Patrick Stewart will return, but I’m sure we will hear something soon. Maybe even Ian Mckellen will return as the adult Magneto as well.

Patrick Stewart took time off from Hollywood to work Broadway theatre full time. He’s still doing Broadway I believe. So  hopefully Patrick will return, we’ll have to cross our fingers.

I miss Patrick on the big screen. He’s a fine actor that deserves an Oscar award for a certain role at some point. I’m sure he’ll return to X-Men.


Report: Bryan Singer wants to direct “X-Men 4″…

It seems that Bryan Singer wants to return to the X-Men franchise. He is in talks with 20th Century Fox to direct the fourth installment of the X-Men series.

It seems he badily misses working on X-Men, that he seemed to come up with a new idea for the next film. Maybe he saw Bret Rattner’s “X-Men: The Last Stand” and thought the film sucked so he can come back to save the series.

Singer directed the first two X-Men flicks, but dropped out of X-Men 3 “The Last Stand” due to immediately jumping on the opportunity to direct “Superman: Returns” for Warner Brothers.

Now that there are no new plans for a new Superman movie in the works due to the Seigels heated feud with DC/Warner Bros, Singer still wants something to do in the comic book genre.

More on it here:


That’s good, I’m glad Singer’s coming back. I fucking LOVED the first X-Men movie, 2nd one was pretty good. Didn’t like the third one.

Singer should have stayed with the X-Men movies, I’m glad he wants back in! Yeah!