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Cool Photo: Patrick Stewart claims he just had his first pizza today…

Patrick Stewart who is most famous for his roles in, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and the “X-Men” movies tweeted a photo of himself eating pizza at a restaurant in NYC this afternoon. Patrick claims he never had pizza before and this was his first slice. Keep in mind that Patrick is around 70 years old now and after all these years, he never had a pizza in his life ever? That could explain why the man has always been so skinny! Maybe he has always been on a healthy diet for most of his life? That could be why. Patrick is currently living in NYC and he also has a home in L.A. He switches back and forth for his work in acting.

Patrick is quickly becoming quite the internet sensation. His tweet about Time Warner Cable blew up all over the internet earlier this year, and now Captain Picard has become popular for facebook Meme’s. You see Cpt. Picard Meme’s all over facebook; those “WTF” ones are most popular. Now expect this pizza photo to be all over the internet.

This just proves that “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is still popular to this day. It is a really good show. I’ve been watching “Star Trek: TNG” on Netflix for the past couple of months or so and just starting season 5. I still remember all of these episodes like I’ve just seen them yesterday.

See Patrick Stewart eating pizza photo, here.


Report: Variety does a review on “Macbeth” starring Patrick Stewart….

Oh my, those reviews of “Macbeth” that Patrick Stewart plays in just keep coming. Variety just posted their review when they went and saw the “Macbeth” show in Brooklyn, New York April 8th last night (the start of the six week show), Variety commended Patrick’s acting in this play saying that Patrick is giving this character “brutal bid for power” and you can absolutely see that in him in the picture posted above.

See the Variety review on “Macbeth” here:


The more I read these reviews, the more it makes me want to purchase tickets and go to Brooklyn to see “Macbeth” with Patrick Stewart.

I don’t go to theatre but I would go see this one if I had the cash, I would imagine ticket pricing to this one would be pretty pricey.