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Remembering 9/11… both the World Trade Center and Benghazi attacks…


Today, we must never forget these two attacks: Benghazi and the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, we have never gotten to the bottom of either one. No one held accountable for either one. I will never forget both and neither should you.

Both of these attacks are a part of how Trump got elected president ’cause he cares about getting answers from both of them. Benghazi was why we said no to Hillary in the White House and we prevailed.

One day we will get to the bottom of both attacks ’cause the truth will always come out no matter how long ago it was.

As far as 9/11/01 goes, libs want to say George W. Bush did it and say it was an inside job… conservatives want to say that terrorists did it. It’s all speculation on both sides until the real truth comes out.


Laura Loomer is my new hero… all she was doing was sticking up for “right-wing” community and protecting President Trump… thank you!!!

I watched this video last night when it was released on twitter. Watched the whole thing from start to finish and it’s pretty incredible. Laura Loomer is my new hero. All she was doing was sticking up for the “right-wing” community and protecting Donald Trump. Sure enough, she got kicked out of the place and even gotten arrested for it just for calling out a bunch of loony liberals that normalizing violence against the “right-wing” community” was wrong.

The left is getting pretty scary with their hate toward “right-wing” conservatives. With myself being a “conservative” and proud of it, I’m even starting to be a little scared for my life too. Like I said in a post before, whenever I go out in public with my Trump t-shirt on, I always worry if I’m going to get confronted by a liberal just because I support Trump. I even worry that even if I don’t wear the t-shirt out in public ’cause I know some people read my blog, follow my twitter, facebook, etc.

It really is amazing how much hatred the left have toward conservatives and no doubt it has gone too far under Trump. It’s finally time for the “right-wing” community to stick up for ourselves and fight back at the loony left. We’re getting fed up with their hatred. We shouldn’t have to get hated on just because we support Trump. It’s ridiculous.

Why do the left hate conservatives so much? Well you can thank the mainstream media and Democrat politicians for that. They’re the ones teaching them to hate people with “right-wing” views. No doubt the left has gotten so aggressive and more hateful ’cause the left has treated me so horribly online for the last several years. I’ve always gotten bashed on and attacked by the left ’cause of my “conservative” views. So far, I haven’t gotten my ass kicked ’cause of it yet but that’s a huge part of why I gotten into boxing to begin with and thinking about getting into karate soon.

Listening to Laura in the video, she urged conservatives that if the left normalizes violence toward the right at an event or out in a public place, don’t be afraid to call them out on it. Sounds like a good idea to me and I’ll do exactly that. If I get arrested for it? So be it. I’m willing to get arrested for sticking up for the country. Absolutely.

It is insane though, how the left thinks it’s okay to threaten Donald Trump’s life and attack his family.

It’s funny the left calls for more unity and tolerance when it comes to Muslims and Illegal Aliens yet they think “conservatives” in America are the bad guys. I get attacked for my conservative views all the time and even get attacked by people I know well and love. Crazy. The left can’t take it that I’m conservative is why. I’m very proud to be conservative and won’t change for anyone at all.

I’m tired of the left accusing me of being too “offensive” and “extreme” with my politics when they are the ones that are “offensive” and “extreme”. The things they say to conservative people. Wow.

Thank you Laura. You are a true patriot and courageous for what you did!




Video proof that Hillary can barely stand, something is definitely wrong with her…

Hacking Hillary tried to attend the 9/11 Memorial event in NYC today but she left early ’cause I guess she wasn’t feeling well like usual. The video above is proof that she can barely stand up well. She had to get her handlers to help her get into the van.

CNN claims she left due to “overheating” but it’s probably a lie.


There’s a lot of rumors going around that she’s in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease and that’s probably what it is. The signs of Parkinson’s Disease is easily to see in the video above.

It’s actually nice for CNN to finally admit that there is something wrong with her but the best they could say was “overheating” but that is probably a cover-up for what she really has.

Do you really want a president like this? A president who leaves important events ’cause she isn’t feeling well? She needs to drop out already!


Never Forget… Muslims committed both 9/11’s: NYC and Benghazi…



Isn’t it pretty insane that after Syria was heavily involved in the 9/11 attacks and now Obama wants to help ’em? No fucking surprise there ’cause Obama has been doing nothing but helping our enemies instead of keeping us safe. How can you not see that? If you think Obama helping other countries more than us is the right thing to do then you’re fuckin’ delusional.


I’m not gonna believe all the left-wing conspiracy theories that 9/11 was Bush’s responsibility and that 9/11 was a government inside-job. It’s interesting how they think that way when they refuse to acknowledge that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did Benghazi.

While 9/11/01 is gonna get brought up a lot today, many lefties will leave Benghazi out of the picture. I will make sure that Benghazi will not get unnoticed. The reason a lot of lefties doesn’t know or care about Benghazi is ’cause the MSM ignores Benghazi. Both shouldn’t be forgotten. Yes, Benghazi absolutely had something to do with us ’cause it was taken place at a US government building and 4 of our own were killed.

Lefties wanna believe that Islam is a peaceful religion but you can’t blame people for questioning that religion after things like 9/11/01 and Benghazi. Islam a peaceful religion? Fuck no. I’ll never support Islam. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks.

Yeah, never forget.


Finally some real protesting against Obama… thousands protest in NYC against Iran deal…

Kind of funny… just a few days ago I was talking about how we should get protesting against Obama by marching and holding signs in the air. I guess that’s happening now in NYC. Thousands of patriots put on a peaceful protest against Obama on his Iran deal which is amazing.



I predicted this could happen soon and I was right. Hopefully we get this in D.C. They should really be protesting Obama to step-down but this is a start!


Glenn Beck asks an interesting question, where’s the #AllLivesMatter hashtag?

The conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck pays his respects to officer Brian Moore who was shot in the face by some Muslim freak and then later died in Queens hospital.


RIP to Brian Moore, btw but when is social networking ever going to get trending topics of #AllLivesMatter? Glenn Beck brings up an interesting question and I’ve been wondering that myself.

You wonder why we don’t get important hashtags like that but instead we get hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackGirlsRock, #BringBackOurGirls, etc.

WTF is this crap?

These are the kind of hashtags I would like to see: #AllLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #WakeUpAmerica, #ObamaIsEvil, #HillarytheMurderer, etc. but we’ll never get those.

We need hashtags that would help people wake up of what’s going on with our country but instead we get liberalism hashtags full of division and hate.

Liberals won’t care about Officer Brian Moore getting murdered ’cause they hate cops. Good job, libtards. Look what you all started! You made it okay to kill police officers now. Hope you feel proud of yourselves.


Dickey Betts briefly responds to Allman Brothers break up… says he’s glad that they’re done but not happy with his firing…

Dickey Betts the former lead guitarist and singer of the Allman Brothers briefly responds to the Allman Brothers sudden breakup and the last show at the Beacon. Dickey doesn’t seem too upset now that he knows that the Allman Brothers are done. As a matter of fact, Dickey is really quite happy with their breakup. He’s still not happy with being booted out of the band, though. While he did give some nice compliments to the drumming of Butch and Jaimoe’s drumming skills and gave some nice compliments to Gregg’s singing, he also had some very harsh things to say about the band. Dickey says that the Allman Brothers were almost an Allman Brothers tribute band, which he actually has a valid point really.

As for why Dickey didn’t join the Allman Brothers at the last Beacon Show? He didn’t really say. He seems pretty happy with his current band that he plays with, Great Southern. Nobody knows yet on whether Dickey was invited to play or Dickey himself declined to be a part of it.


I guess they did play some Dickey Betts, Allman Brothers tunes at the final Beacon show; however, they neglected the song, “Ramblin’ Man”. I noticed the band didn’t play that song at all. I wonder why they didn’t play “Ramblin’ Man” when that song is considered an anthem and the song helped them that made them for what they are. Guess who wrote that song? Yep, Dickey Betts wrote it. The Allman Brothers had a lot of big hits and pretty much all the hits were written by Dickey. When was the last time the Allman Brothers had radio hits after Dickey got fired?

Gregg and Dickey should have reconciled and “bury the hatchet”. Guess it didn’t happen and they still hate each other as you can see.