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As of today Dec. 8th is a day of remembrance of 4 important musicians in the music industry: Jim Morrison, Gregg Allman, Dimebag Darrell and John Lennon…

Like the title says as of today Dec. 8th is a day of remembrance of 4 important musicians in the music industry who inspired and changed us all over the years. These are musicians who are having birthdays today and having death anniversaries.

The Birthday musicians are Jim Morrison (Born: Dec. 8th, 1943) and Gregg Allman (Born: Dec. 8th 1947).

The Death Anniversary musicians are Dimebag Darrell (who passed 15 years ago today) and John Lennon (who passed 39 years ago today).

All 4 of these musicians were definitely important to my life so I’ll never forget any of them. Gregg Allman passed a few years ago so now he joins these men in heaven.

I’m a huge Doors fan, a huge Allman Bros. fan and a huge Pantera fan. Of course, I listened to a lot of Lennon’s solo stuff too.

Dec. 8th is always an important day of music because of these guys and I think they are the Mt. Rushmore of music for sure.

RIP to all of them and love all of them.


Did Dickey Betts bury the hatchet with Gregg before he passed? Seems so… the former Allman’s guitarist comments on Gregg’s passing…

Longtime fans of the Allman Bros. are probably well aware of the public feud between Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts. They’ve had a tough time getting along over the years. Their feud was pretty heated but they seem to be cool with each other because Dickey says here he talked with Gregg a few times before he passed.

Remember,  Dickey Betts helped founded the Allman Brothers and Dickey also wrote and sang on their hit “Ramblin’ Man”, the song that gave them the label Southern Rock. Dickey wrote many songs with the Allman Brothers.

I really miss the Duane and Dickey era of the Allman’s ’cause that’s when the Allman’s put on the best improvised jams. I do like the Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks era but I prefer the Duane and Dickey era more.


RIP Gregg Allman… 1947- 2017…

The rock music world lost another one. First Chris Cornell, now Gregg Allman.

The Allman Brothers Band is another one of my favorite bands. I’ve also been listening to them for a pretty long time. I collected about 9 of their albums for my Ipod Touch. I never saw the Allman Brothers Band live in concert before but I’ve always wanted to and now I’ll never get to. Now that the main guy who started the Allman Brothers Band is gone, I don’t think the band will get back together ever.

The Allman Brothers was started by Gregg and Duane Allman,  they formed the band together. Although the band released two albums at the start: “The Allman Brothers Band” (self titled) and “Idlewild South”, they didn’t get mainstream success until the release of their live album, “At Fillmore East” (which is one of the greatest live albums ever, btw). Then after the “Fillmore East” album, they released their fourth album, “Eat a Peach” which became a huge hit.

While the Allman Brothers were one of my favorite bands, I thought the two best studio albums they’ve done were “Eat a Peach” and “Hittin’ the Note”. I’ve heard all their albums that they’ve done over the years. I’ve only bought 9 of them for myself.

Gregg Allman was more than just a singer… he was also a guitar player, keyboardist and organist. He also made solo albums and toured with his solo band a lot too. That’s one of the things that I admired about Gregg. He always played music even when the Allman Brothers weren’t together. Gregg just kept playing until he couldn’t do it anymore.

Gregg, another sad loss and another great talent. Thanks for the great music, Gregg. Now he’s up there with his brother Duane and drummer Butch who also passed not too long ago.


Gregg Allman says it might be possible for Dickey Betts rejoining the Allman Brothers…

An interesting interview with Gregg Allman here and he says his feud with Dickey Betts is pretty much over. Gregg and Dickey are talking again and are back on good terms which is a good thing. Gregg wants to jam with Dickey again. So who knows? Maybe Dickey will soon rejoin the Allman Bros. when the band reforms sometime in the future and I’m sure they will. If Dickey rejoined the Allman Bros., it won’t be for a one-off. Gregg says it will be for a full tour and all.


I agree with Gregg that holding negative grudges with people is childish. I never do that really. I know I’ve had heated feuds with other local musicians myself and I did my best to bury the hatchet with some of them. Some of them were nice enough to bury the hatchet and some just don’t care. Well, for the musicians who didn’t care to bury the hatchet with me well, fuck ’em. People who continue to hold a grudge against me are losers to begin with. I can be a good guy to people and if people don’t wanna see that, it’s fine with me. I got my own life to worry about. I’m about moving forward and not backwards. People who continue to hold a grudge against me even to this day are nobodies to me. I just get on with my life and keep on keepin on, ya know? I don’t deal with negative people or assholes. I’ll have a rant about this is another post soon.

Anyway, I hope to see Gregg and Dickey play again on stage in public ’cause it would be cool.


Gregg Allman no longer holds a grudge against Dickey Betts…

Here’s a cool interview with Gregg Allman and Gregg reveals he has no grudge against Dickey Betts who is one of the founding members of the Allman Brothers. Gregg and Dickey has been feuding for a long time which could have been why Dickey never played the final Allman’s shows at The Beacon but it’s turning out that may not be the case at all. Maybe Gregg actually tried to get Dickey to play the final shows but Dickey was busy doing other things?

Gregg says he would love to jam with Dickey again, not as a member of Gregg’s solo band but just to jam for fun. So who knows, maybe we’ll someday finally get to hear Gregg and Dickey singing “Ramblin’ Man” again.



Dickey Betts briefly responds to Allman Brothers break up… says he’s glad that they’re done but not happy with his firing…

Dickey Betts the former lead guitarist and singer of the Allman Brothers briefly responds to the Allman Brothers sudden breakup and the last show at the Beacon. Dickey doesn’t seem too upset now that he knows that the Allman Brothers are done. As a matter of fact, Dickey is really quite happy with their breakup. He’s still not happy with being booted out of the band, though. While he did give some nice compliments to the drumming of Butch and Jaimoe’s drumming skills and gave some nice compliments to Gregg’s singing, he also had some very harsh things to say about the band. Dickey says that the Allman Brothers were almost an Allman Brothers tribute band, which he actually has a valid point really.

As for why Dickey didn’t join the Allman Brothers at the last Beacon Show? He didn’t really say. He seems pretty happy with his current band that he plays with, Great Southern. Nobody knows yet on whether Dickey was invited to play or Dickey himself declined to be a part of it.


I guess they did play some Dickey Betts, Allman Brothers tunes at the final Beacon show; however, they neglected the song, “Ramblin’ Man”. I noticed the band didn’t play that song at all. I wonder why they didn’t play “Ramblin’ Man” when that song is considered an anthem and the song helped them that made them for what they are. Guess who wrote that song? Yep, Dickey Betts wrote it. The Allman Brothers had a lot of big hits and pretty much all the hits were written by Dickey. When was the last time the Allman Brothers had radio hits after Dickey got fired?

Gregg and Dickey should have reconciled and “bury the hatchet”. Guess it didn’t happen and they still hate each other as you can see.


Gregg Allman dismissed from Sarah Jones lawsuit…

Congrats Gregg! Now he can move on from his life, move forward and leave this behind him. I’m sure Gregg is very heartbroken and sad over Sarah’s tragic death, though. I thought it was unfair for the family to blame this on him. They have to understand that this was a freak accident. Accidental deaths happen. That’s just the way it is.

It’s a real shame that the Gregg Allman movie biopic had to come to this, though ’cause I was actually looking forward to it.


Accidental deaths while making movies is nothing new in Hollywood. It happened with Brandon Lee while making the movie, “The Crow” (which is a pretty sick movie btw, love it). That’s one example that I can think of.


Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts still hate each other???

At the Allman Brothers final Beacon shows in NYC, while they did make a tribute to Duane Allman quite a lot which is the whole point of the show… the Allman’s acted like Dickey Betts never existed. In a discussion about the shows in facebook, I’ve read that the band didn’t even give a tribute or a mention to Dickey Betts. They even left out all of Dickey’s songs he wrote with the band over the years which includes the hit, “Ramblin’ Man” which is a song I love.

Last night’s final show at the Beacon was a celebration of the Allman’s but if they were going to make it a celebration they would play songs spanning their entire career… well, they sort of did that a little bit but they completed ignored Dickey Betts. I’m almost pretty sure that Dickey helped formed the band with Gregg and Duane. Like I said before Dickey was the main songwriter of the band. Dickey was the one who helped the Allman Brothers get some success and fame. He was the one that made them for what they are.

Why did the Allman’s neglect Dickey Betts at the show last night? Do you think that what the Allman’s did to Dickey was a bit disrespectful to him? Gregg and Dickey still hate each other? Seems like it. So for them to neglect Dickey like that is kind of douchey.

I love the Allman Brothers, they are the greatest American band but I wish they would show more respect to Dickey. If it wasn’t for Dickey Betts, the Allman Brothers wouldn’t have gotten where they are now. They wouldn’t have had a 45 year career. While a lot of fan appreciate Derek and Warren being great guitarists, fans of the Allman’s seem to forget that Dickey was the true member.

Dickey should have been a part of the final show last night. Gregg should have worked things out with him and tried to bury the hatchet with him or something. Hopefully, we’ll soon find out why Dickey wasn’t there There’s a lot of fans of the Allman’s wondering why Dickey wasn’t a part of it. While it is kind of sad that the Allman’s is ending this soon, it’s even more disappointing that Dickey couldn’t reunite with the band.


The Allman Brothers all done touring but not done recording studio albums???

All week long the Allman Brothers have been playing their 8 day final concert run at the Beacon Theater in NYC. They got two dates left at the Beacon which is tonight and tomorrow night. After tomorrow night, the Allman Brothers are done playing concerts but not for good, though…

Gregg is still opening doors for future reunions…


They maybe done playing concerts but Gregg didn’t say whether or not he’s done making studio records with the Allman’s. The Allman’s have 14 albums in their studio discography. Their latest album, “Hittin’ The Note”  was released in 2003. So I’m assuming that the band still have some new music left in them. I can’t see “Hittin’ The Note” being their final record so I’m sure the band will hit the studio again in the future. If they do decide to record another album in the future, will Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes still play guitar on it? Who knows. Their last album, “Hittin The Note” fucking kicks ass, btw. That’s my favorite record by them.

I love the Allman Brothers. I collected most of their albums in their discography. I only got 4 more of their studio albums left to buy and then I have their entire library. The only albums I need left of theirs are: “Reach For the Sky”, “Seven Turns”, “Shades of Two Worlds”, and “Brothers of the Road”. I’ll get those 4 albums sometime in the future. Once I get all their studio albums, I’ll work on collecting all their live albums too. Yes, I’m that big of a fan. I’ve become obsessed with this band all of a sudden.

I wish Dickey Betts and Gregg would bury the hatchet so they can help save the band but it kind of makes sense to end the band after Derek and Warren leaving. In my opinion: Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are the Allman Brothers. If the band kept going with replacements, that wouldn’t be right.

The band is so amazing though. I wish I could be at the Beacon Theater in NYC to see their final shows. I never got to see them live. Ah well, I’m sure Gregg will release these final Allman’s shows at the Beacon on CD/DVD ’cause I’m sure they’re being recorded.

Why did I suddenly become obsessed with the Allman’s music??? Don’t know. They just grabbed my attention and I just kept listening to their music. The more I listened to them, the more music I want from them so I kept buying their studio albums from Itunes. Couldn’t help it. I became addicted to the Allman’s music. The band are genius’s for sure.

I’m noticing my taste in music is changing a little bit and I’m sure you notice that yourself. I’m slowly switching over to jam band music, blues, and jazz. I just like great guitar music. That’s how I like to hear music is listening to the guitar. Any band or solo artist that can play great guitar that can melt my face, then I’m probably gonna be a big fan of their music.

Thanks to the Allman’s for 40 years of kick ass music!!! I hope there could be more in the future.