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Gregg Allman dismissed from Sarah Jones lawsuit…

Congrats Gregg! Now he can move on from his life, move forward and leave this behind him. I’m sure Gregg is very heartbroken and sad over Sarah’s tragic death, though. I thought it was unfair for the family to blame this on him. They have to understand that this was a freak accident. Accidental deaths happen. That’s just the way it is.

It’s a real shame that the Gregg Allman movie biopic had to come to this, though ’cause I was actually looking forward to it.


Accidental deaths while making movies is nothing new in Hollywood. It happened with Brandon Lee while making the movie, “The Crow” (which is a pretty sick movie btw, love it). That’s one example that I can think of.


Greg Allman wants his biopic film, “Midnight Rider” to not go forward…

Everybody knows about the Greg Allman biopic that was supposedly to be in the works titled, “Midnight Rider” but Sarah Jones who was one of the film crew (pictured above) was killed by getting hit by a train while filming. She was just young, 27. William Hurt who was supposed to play Greg in the film pulled out ’cause he did it out of respect for Sarah. Now Greg Allman himself wrote a small letter to the director of the movie urging him NOT to go forward with the movie. Greg didn’t explain why he wanted him to stop making the movie but he’s probably doing it out of respect for Sarah.


Maybe it’s a good idea for the film to not go forward??? Out of respect for Sarah’s family and friends. Shame what happened and it’s tragic for sure. RIP to Sarah.