Gregg Allman says it might be possible for Dickey Betts rejoining the Allman Brothers…

An interesting interview with Gregg Allman here and he says his feud with Dickey Betts is pretty much over. Gregg and Dickey are talking again and are back on good terms which is a good thing. Gregg wants to jam with Dickey again. So who knows? Maybe Dickey will soon rejoin the Allman Bros. when the band reforms sometime in the future and I’m sure they will. If Dickey rejoined the Allman Bros., it won’t be for a one-off. Gregg says it will be for a full tour and all.

I agree with Gregg that holding negative grudges with people is childish. I never do that really. I know I’ve had heated feuds with other local musicians myself and I did my best to bury the hatchet with some of them. Some of them were nice enough to bury the hatchet and some just don’t care. Well, for the musicians who didn’t care to bury the hatchet with me well, fuck ’em. People who continue to hold a grudge against me are losers to begin with. I can be a good guy to people and if people don’t wanna see that, it’s fine with me. I got my own life to worry about. I’m about moving forward and not backwards. People who continue to hold a grudge against me even to this day are nobodies to me. I just get on with my life and keep on keepin on, ya know? I don’t deal with negative people or assholes. I’ll have a rant about this is another post soon.

Anyway, I hope to see Gregg and Dickey play again on stage in public ’cause it would be cool.


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