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RIP Gregg Allman… 1947- 2017…

The rock music world lost another one. First Chris Cornell, now Gregg Allman.

The Allman Brothers Band is another one of my favorite bands. I’ve also been listening to them for a pretty long time. I collected about 9 of their albums for my Ipod Touch. I never saw the Allman Brothers Band live in concert before but I’ve always wanted to and now I’ll never get to. Now that the main guy who started the Allman Brothers Band is gone, I don’t think the band will get back together ever.

The Allman Brothers was started by Gregg and Duane Allman, ¬†they formed the band together. Although the band released two albums at the start: “The Allman Brothers Band” (self titled) and “Idlewild South”, they didn’t get mainstream success until the release of their live album, “At Fillmore East” (which is one of the greatest live albums ever, btw). Then after the “Fillmore East” album, they released their fourth album, “Eat a Peach” which became a huge hit.

While the Allman Brothers were one of my favorite bands, I thought the two best studio albums they’ve done were “Eat a Peach” and “Hittin’ the Note”. I’ve heard all their albums that they’ve done over the years. I’ve only bought 9 of them for myself.

Gregg Allman was more than just a singer… he was also a guitar player, keyboardist and organist. He also made solo albums and toured with his solo band a lot too. That’s one of the things that I admired about Gregg. He always played music even when the Allman Brothers weren’t together. Gregg just kept playing until he couldn’t do it anymore.

Gregg, another sad loss and another great talent. Thanks for the great music, Gregg. Now he’s up there with his brother Duane and drummer Butch who also passed not too long ago.


RIP: Joe Cocker 1944 – 2014

I never really bought any of Joe Cocker’s music over the years of my life but I always respected him for his legendary performance at Woodstock ’69 in which made the song, “With A Little Help From My Friends” one of the most important songs in music history.

We just lost a legend and he was definitely one of the greats.

Joe Cocker passed away after a long battle of lung cancer, he was 70 years old.