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Did Dickey Betts bury the hatchet with Gregg before he passed? Seems so… the former Allman’s guitarist comments on Gregg’s passing…

Longtime fans of the Allman Bros. are probably well aware of the public feud between Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts. They’ve had a tough time getting along over the years. Their feud was pretty heated but they seem to be cool with each other because Dickey says here he talked with Gregg a few times before he passed.

Remember, ¬†Dickey Betts helped founded the Allman Brothers and Dickey also wrote and sang on their hit “Ramblin’ Man”, the song that gave them the label Southern Rock. Dickey wrote many songs with the Allman Brothers.

I really miss the Duane and Dickey era of the Allman’s ’cause that’s when the Allman’s put on the best improvised jams. I do like the Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks era but I prefer the Duane and Dickey era more.