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As of today Dec. 8th is a day of remembrance of 4 important musicians in the music industry: Jim Morrison, Gregg Allman, Dimebag Darrell and John Lennon…

Like the title says as of today Dec. 8th is a day of remembrance of 4 important musicians in the music industry who inspired and changed us all over the years. These are musicians who are having birthdays today and having death anniversaries.

The Birthday musicians are Jim Morrison (Born: Dec. 8th, 1943) and Gregg Allman (Born: Dec. 8th 1947).

The Death Anniversary musicians are Dimebag Darrell (who passed 15 years ago today) and John Lennon (who passed 39 years ago today).

All 4 of these musicians were definitely important to my life so I’ll never forget any of them. Gregg Allman passed a few years ago so now he joins these men in heaven.

I’m a huge Doors fan, a huge Allman Bros. fan and a huge Pantera fan. Of course, I listened to a lot of Lennon’s solo stuff too.

Dec. 8th is always an important day of music because of these guys and I think they are the Mt. Rushmore of music for sure.

RIP to all of them and love all of them.


Today remembering three music legends: John Lennon, Dimebag Darrell and Jim Morrison…



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Dec. 8th is always an important day of the music industry. Why? It’s because this day is the Anniversary Deaths of John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell and the birthday of Jim Morrison.

John Lennon wasn’t my favorite Beatle but he was still a legend and we should never forget what happened to him. We should never forget what happened to Dimebag. We should never forget Jim Morrison either.

I always honor these guys every Dec. 8th and would keep doing it every year. They were very important to music. Always remember that.


Report: Jim Morrison officially pardoned for exposure at a 1969 Miami concert…

Jim Morrison, the legendary singer of the Doors, is now officially a free man! Today, a huge announcement was made in the music world that the Doors singer was pardoned for exposing himself and cussing like crazy at a Doors concert in Miami in 1969. Jim Morrison was pardoned by Florida governor, Charlie Crist. Of course, in the hearing there will always be someone to hate Jim Morrison for what he did, Attorney general, Bill McCollum slammed Morrison’s behavior while Crist did his best to defend Morrison. Alex Sink, also defended Morrison by saying, “nobody knows what happened that day”. For those that assumed that Morrison was a flat out junkie, Alex Sink proved that Morrison lived a clean life for over 40 years. The reason for the pardon is because Morrison created a legacy with the Doors and his music meant a lot to so many people.

Read the full story, here.

This is really amazing news! If Jim Morrison was still alive today, I’m sure this would have made him one very happy guy, he wouldn’t stop smiling over this, I’m sure!!!!  I’m sure the other guys in the Doors: Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and Jon Densmore are very happy for Jim too.

I’m a huge Doors fan as they have a lot of influence in my own music and songwriting.