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Robby Krieger, guitarist of the Doors, shows you the real way how to play “Roadhouse Blues”…

With America shutdown and stuck at home, that means the music industry is closed too. That also means all the famous musicians in America are stuck at home and bored like the rest of us. Since musicians are stuck at home, they’re still trying to find other ways to provide entertainment for all of us and trying to help us defeat boredom and stuff.

A lot of famous musicians have been doing some pretty cool stuff like live stream performances, Q&A sessions and even guitar lessons.

Well, here is Robby Krieger, giving you lessons on how to play the Doors hit, “Roadhouse Blues”. There are many tabs out there on sites like Ultimate Guitar and I’m sure many tabs on the internet of this song are inaccurate at best. I’m sure many cover bands in America that cover the song all play it wrong. Well, if you want to play the song correctly, you learn from Robby the man himself and he is here to teach you the whole song.

I thought this video was very cool.


Happy birthday to David Bowie, Robby Krieger and Elvis Presley!!!

Today, 3 big icons of rock share a birthday, and they are obviously David Bowie, Robby Krieger (guitarist of the Doors), and Elvis Presley. I’m a huge fan of all of these guys.

Yes, I wanna start covering some Doors songs and Elvis songs for youtube as well. Will get around to it.

I wanted to post videos and pictures of all these guys but that’ll be a lot of work so I’ll just do a quick post.

Happy birthday to all three of them! Both David and Robby must be thrilled to share a birthday with Elvis.