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RIP: Ray Manzarek 1939 – 2013

Today is a sad day in the world of rock n’ roll music. Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist for the Doors has passed away today. Ray Manzarek was an important member of the Doors because he was the one who started the band himself and wrote most of the Doors song catalog. The formation of the Doors all started when Ray first met Jim Morrison on Venice Beach in California where the two met for the very first time. Jim had written some songs and Ray wanted to hear them so Jim sang them to him. Ray loved them too much that he wanted to form a band with Jim. Then they met drummer Jon Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger later on. Ever since Ray’s first meeting with Jim, the two have been best friends ever since. When the Doors first formed, they didn’t have a bass player and didn’t know where to find one, so Ray used his piano for the bass lines, and he used an organ as well.

The Doors have made a total of 9 successful studio albums and have made tons of radio hits: “Break On Through The Other Side”, “L.A. Woman”, “Riders On the Storm, “People Are Strange”, “The End”, “Moonlight Drive”, etc.

After the Doors broke up in 1973, a few years after Jim Morrison’s death, Ray Manzarek brought the Doors back (minus, Jim Morrison, of course) in 2000 for a special VH1 Storytellers performance where they would have a variety of special guest singers from Ian Astbury, Travis Meeks, Scott Weiland, Scott Stapp, and others.

This is a real shame, and this passing devastates me, ’cause I’m a huge fan of the Doors. The Doors happened because of Ray, there wouldn’t be a Jim Morrison without him. I’ve listened to the Doors for years, and they were an inspiration for my own music as well. Ray was a genius of a pianist and keyboardist. He really was proud of the Doors music and loved what he did which is part of why he got my respect. He may have not gotten along well with the surviving members of the Doors over the years, but he was a talented musician no matter what you think of him. I’m sure Ray will be up in heaven with Jim now. There are two members of the Doors left; they are Robby and Jon. This really sucks. The music world lost another great one. Ray Manzarek died of cancer at a hospital in Germany, he was 74 years old.


In response to article about Weird Al’s homage to the Doors…

Read this:


I agree that the music of the song itself is very dead on with the Doors. Al Yankovic’s vocals is surprisingly almost close to Jim Morrison, but I think there is a reason that Al’s lyrics aren’t the same as Jim’s styles.

I think there is a legal reason for it. Al respects other people’s work legally and takes it very seriously. Maybe Al didn’t parody one of the Doors songs because Ray Manzarek wouldn’t allow it, for a legal reason. Maybe Al didn’t copy Jim’s writing style because Mr. Manzarek wouldn’t allow it. So I believe it was Ray himself that suggested Al to write something new and different for a Doors homage. I bet it was Ray himself that instructed Al how to perform this song in the studio.

Why would Al want to copy Jim Morrison’s writing style anyways? I wouldn’t like that. Al respected the late Jim Morrison and put Al’s own style in lyric writing for the song.

Al Yankovic made it clear before, his next album is going to be very topical, songs that will be about real events. He’s doing exactly that. His first single before this one which was T.I.’s parody is about the economic times we are having.

Those who are curious about the lyrics of “Craigslist” the new Weird Al tune, here it is here:


In my opinion, I think the lyrics are pretty funny. If you read it carefully, understand what Al is trying to say in it, you would find it hilarious.

Even the craigslist founder/owner found it funny as well!

Again though, I think there is definitely a legal reason behind why Al didn’t write the lyrics on how Jim Morrison would have wrote it. Ray was probably very strict about it. Ray has always been protective of Jim Morrison and the Doors music from day 1 ever since they started.


Cool Video: OMG!!!!!! Weird Al homage to the Doors to make fun of “craigslist”, with Ray Manzarek on keyboards!!!

“Weird Al” Yankovic has done it again. This time, he did a style parody of the Doors. This is an original song written by Al Yankovic, it’s not a parody of the Doors, but a style parody. Al Yankovic collaborates with the Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek in this song. This is “Weird Al’s” latest official video. It looks like Al is finally coming out with a new album soon.

This is just brilliant work. It’s nice to see Al Yankovic finally release an original song for a single, which he doesn’t do very much in his career. Most of his hit singles are all parodies of other work. This song is an original one written by Al himself.

Which I’m sure he got tons of advice and help from Ray Manzarek himself to make this song sound exactly like the Doors.

Enjoy this. Amazing job, Al. This is your best new work in a long time! Al is a musical genius, period. 🙂