In response to article about Weird Al’s homage to the Doors…

Read this:

I agree that the music of the song itself is very dead on with the Doors. Al Yankovic’s vocals is surprisingly almost close to Jim Morrison, but I think there is a reason that Al’s lyrics aren’t the same as Jim’s styles.

I think there is a legal reason for it. Al respects other people’s work legally and takes it very seriously. Maybe Al didn’t parody one of the Doors songs because Ray Manzarek wouldn’t allow it, for a legal reason. Maybe Al didn’t copy Jim’s writing style because Mr. Manzarek wouldn’t allow it. So I believe it was Ray himself that suggested Al to write something new and different for a Doors homage. I bet it was Ray himself that instructed Al how to perform this song in the studio.

Why would Al want to copy Jim Morrison’s writing style anyways? I wouldn’t like that. Al respected the late Jim Morrison and put Al’s own style in lyric writing for the song.

Al Yankovic made it clear before, his next album is going to be very topical, songs that will be about real events. He’s doing exactly that. His first single before this one which was T.I.’s parody is about the economic times we are having.

Those who are curious about the lyrics of “Craigslist” the new Weird Al tune, here it is here:

In my opinion, I think the lyrics are pretty funny. If you read it carefully, understand what Al is trying to say in it, you would find it hilarious.

Even the craigslist founder/owner found it funny as well!

Again though, I think there is definitely a legal reason behind why Al didn’t write the lyrics on how Jim Morrison would have wrote it. Ray was probably very strict about it. Ray has always been protective of Jim Morrison and the Doors music from day 1 ever since they started.



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