Cool Video: OMG!!!!!! Weird Al homage to the Doors to make fun of “craigslist”, with Ray Manzarek on keyboards!!!

“Weird Al” Yankovic has done it again. This time, he did a style parody of the Doors. This is an original song written by Al Yankovic, it’s not a parody of the Doors, but a style parody. Al Yankovic collaborates with the Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek in this song. This is “Weird Al’s” latest official video. It looks like Al is finally coming out with a new album soon.

This is just brilliant work. It’s nice to see Al Yankovic finally release an original song for a single, which he doesn’t do very much in his career. Most of his hit singles are all parodies of other work. This song is an original one written by Al himself.

Which I’m sure he got tons of advice and help from Ray Manzarek himself to make this song sound exactly like the Doors.

Enjoy this. Amazing job, Al. This is your best new work in a long time! Al is a musical genius, period. 🙂


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