Report: Eddie Van Halen is Hot For Nike…sues shoe company for trademarking guitar design…

The two handed fret tapping guitar god, Eddie Van Halen, has filed a lawsuit against, Nike, the legendary shoe company. He claims they stole the design of the new shoe they just made from his well known custom made guitar called, The Frankenstein.

Eddie filed a federal lawsuit against Nike accusing them of trademark infrigement, using the design without Eddie’s authorized permission.

TMZ reports:

It isn’t trademark infrigement if the design is exactly the same which it isn’t. The colors are the same, yes, but the black and white X’s on the shoe are different on the Frankenstein guitar.

So who is safe in this lawsuit? I’m on Nike’s side on this one. Sorry Eddie. Nike wins. Eddie just needs to get rid of his delusional big fat ego.


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