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Remembering 9/11… both the World Trade Center and Benghazi attacks…


Today, we must never forget these two attacks: Benghazi and the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, we have never gotten to the bottom of either one. No one held accountable for either one. I will never forget both and neither should you.

Both of these attacks are a part of how Trump got elected president ’cause he cares about getting answers from both of them. Benghazi was why we said no to Hillary in the White House and we prevailed.

One day we will get to the bottom of both attacks ’cause the truth will always come out no matter how long ago it was.

As far as 9/11/01 goes, libs want to say George W. Bush did it and say it was an inside job… conservatives want to say that terrorists did it. It’s all speculation on both sides until the real truth comes out.