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Would Patrick Stewart ever reprise his role as Cpt. Picard ever again? You might be surprised of his answer…

In 2002, Patrick Stewart retired the Cpt. Picard character in the film, “Star Trek: Nemesis” which appeared to be the final Star Trek film in the “Next Generation” franchise. Patrick never played the role again since then. Over the years in his career, he went on to other roles like Professor X in the “X-Men” series.

Patrick says he would play Cpt. Picard again as long as the script is good enough.


As some of you may or may not know, I’m a huge “Star Trek: TNG” nut. Saw the TNG series on TV and saw all the big screen movies so I’m a big fan of the Cpt. Picard character for sure.

I just came up with an interesting idea for the next “Star Trek” movie. After this crappy reboot with the young cast gets done, they could make one more, “Next Generation” movie where Cpt. Picard is the only cast member in the film and he plays a retired captain. The next Star Trek TNG movie could be a father & son duo kind of thing. The retired Picard could train his son into Starfleet. Interesting idea really.


Star Trek – The Next Generation…

Last night, I just finished watching the last of “Star Trek – The Next Generation” on Netflix streaming. Yep, I watched all 7 seasons and every episode back to back on there. Started watching the show back in the Spring, I think and been watching it all summer. It’s a pretty long show. There’s about 26 episodes for each season. I had a blast re-watching them all. I still remember every episode too! Such a great show! While I do like every episode I’ve seen, my favorites are: “The Best of Both Worlds 1 &2” (which is considered a classic), “Skin of Evil”, “Datalore”, “I, Borg”, and “Genesis”.

After watching, “ST: TNG”, why did this series end so soon? Why was there 7 seasons and 4 films of the TNG series when they could have gone on a little longer? Well, there’s a few reasons for that. I would love the TNG cast to reunite for one last TNG movie but that’s probably not gonna happen ever. A couple of reasons are that most of the cast members of the TNG cast wanted to retire and move on for example Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner (who plays Data). Brent Spiner no longer wanted to play Data ’cause Brent is aging and Data was never meant to grow old & die. Patrick Stewart wanted to retire ’cause he has been working on TNG for pretty much most of his life. Plus, another reason there hasn’t been a 5th TNG movie ’cause the last couple of TNG movies: “Insurrection” and “Nemesis” got so much negative feedback and both of them flopped in the box office. It’s a shame there’ll never be another TNG movie but it’s understandable why.

TNG was a great series, though. I think I’ll move on to “Deep Space Nine” next on Netflix streaming. I never got to watch all of that show when it was on TV back in the day.


Cool Photo: Patrick Stewart claims he just had his first pizza today…

Patrick Stewart who is most famous for his roles in, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and the “X-Men” movies tweeted a photo of himself eating pizza at a restaurant in NYC this afternoon. Patrick claims he never had pizza before and this was his first slice. Keep in mind that Patrick is around 70 years old now and after all these years, he never had a pizza in his life ever? That could explain why the man has always been so skinny! Maybe he has always been on a healthy diet for most of his life? That could be why. Patrick is currently living in NYC and he also has a home in L.A. He switches back and forth for his work in acting.

Patrick is quickly becoming quite the internet sensation. His tweet about Time Warner Cable blew up all over the internet earlier this year, and now Captain Picard has become popular for facebook Meme’s. You see Cpt. Picard Meme’s all over facebook; those “WTF” ones are most popular. Now expect this pizza photo to be all over the internet.

This just proves that “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is still popular to this day. It is a really good show. I’ve been watching “Star Trek: TNG” on Netflix for the past couple of months or so and just starting season 5. I still remember all of these episodes like I’ve just seen them yesterday.

See Patrick Stewart eating pizza photo, here.


Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard, has twitter war with Time Warner Cable…

Patrick Stewart, who is most famous as Captain Picard for Star Trek: TNG and Professor X for the “X-men” movies, took to his twitter page to rant about Time Warner Cable. Look like Patrick is living somewhere in NYC, and he wrote to TWC on twitter, complaining that he tried to set up a new account and 36 hours later, he got nothing? Well TWC replied, and all they said, was “How can we assist”. Patrick replied again. See the tweet here.

Patrick’s TWC rant became a hit on the internet, as there has been Star Trek photos made of him, making fun of it, such as this photo here:


Thought this was pretty cool and had to share. Funny stuff!!!!!


Report: “Star Trek – The Next Generation” is now streamable on Netflix…

Announced today, all 7 seasons of “Star Trek – The Next Generation” are now streamable for Netflix along with “Voyager” and “Enterprise”. I’m such a huge Star Trek “TNG” fan and I’m looking forward to watching this show all over again.

I’m glad Paramount let Netflix stream Star Trek series, because Star Trek still deserves to get known. Star Trek isn’t for everyone, but I suggest people to try and get into it. I’m a big Trekkie, and quite proud of it too. Have been a Trekkie ever since I was a child.

Thanks to Paramount and Netflix for this. I’m excited!


Cool Video: Brent Spiner’s “Fresh Hell” web series…

Here is Brent Spiner’s latest acting project that he has going on now. It’s a web series being released exclusively for youtube. So far, there’s 5 episodes, I just watched them all today. Short episodes. Brent Spiner aka Data from “Star Trek”. In the series, he plays himself. It’s about Brent trying to get his acting career back on track after losing everything, the fame he had with Star Trek TNG. He helps this woman named, Dakota (played by Kat Steel) and her agent tries to talk Brent into working in the porn industry. In the series, Brent wasn’t up for the porn thing and wanted to find a different manager he can trust.

I’m actually enjoying the series so far. It’s pretty funny and entertaining. It’s a comedy series and fiction, but from the looks of things, there’s a lot of real life material in the series that are from Brent’s real life.

Watch the 5 episodes, here.

Brent Spiner is an underrated actor who I admired for a long time. After Star Trek TNG, he also became famous for his role in “Independence Day”, starring Will Smith.

Brent needs to get back into acting in a huge way again. He was rumored to return as Data for the next “Star Trek” movie, but he kept saying he will never play Data again.


Will Brent Spiner ever play Data again in the new Star Trek movies?

Former Star Trek star, Brent Spiner who played Data the android in, “Star Trek: the Next Generation” seems pretty annoyed at the question if he is ever going to play Data again. Brent took to his twitter page hoping this will help people stop asking him this question. I’m sure he gets asked this all the time if he will ever reprise his iconic role.

Here’s what he said from his official twitter page:

“I think we should all get over me playing Data again. Not logical. Too old. Don’t want to see Micky Rooney as Andy Hardy, Grandad. New Data!”


So there you have it, Star Trek fans. He will never go back to his Data role ever. He tells you to, “get over it”. LOL!

Sounds like he is willing to pass the torch to someone else to play Data though, does that what he means by, “new Data”?

If Data comes back in the upcoming JJ Abrams sequels, Brent Spiner could be replaced. It wouldn’t look right though, only he could play that character.