Would Patrick Stewart ever reprise his role as Cpt. Picard ever again? You might be surprised of his answer…

In 2002, Patrick Stewart retired the Cpt. Picard character in the film, “Star Trek: Nemesis” which appeared to be the final Star Trek film in the “Next Generation” franchise. Patrick never played the role again since then. Over the years in his career, he went on to other roles like Professor X in the “X-Men” series.

Patrick says he would play Cpt. Picard again as long as the script is good enough.


As some of you may or may not know, I’m a huge “Star Trek: TNG” nut. Saw the TNG series on TV and saw all the big screen movies so I’m a big fan of the Cpt. Picard character for sure.

I just came up with an interesting idea for the next “Star Trek” movie. After this crappy reboot with the young cast gets done, they could make one more, “Next Generation” movie where Cpt. Picard is the only cast member in the film and he plays a retired captain. The next Star Trek TNG movie could be a father & son duo kind of thing. The retired Picard could train his son into Starfleet. Interesting idea really.


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