The American people wants honesty in the media and government but most are blind & ignorant about it…

Can’t you see all the dishonesty in the media? All the dishonesty in the government and the Obama White House? Like most people I’m tired of it all too. All the dishonesty… the lies and the political correctness that goes on in this country. Like most Americans, I’m fed up with it all as well. Yeah, it is the truth that most of us are fed up with the media and the US government. We are also fed up with Barack Obama, our US president. It’s just that a lot of people can’t see our true feelings about America. Nobody cares to listen to us and nobody cares to hear us. That’s why we’re called the “silent majority”. We’ve been the silent majority ever since Barack Obama has gotten elected in 2008.

I mean, each fucking time we want to tell the truth about Obama or what’s really going on in America… a lot of people will laugh at us and say “We’re full of it”. It’s just ridiculous. All of it. Instead of people saying, “Thanks for bringing it to our attention”. They have to make fun of us and bully us around.

This bullshit still goes on today. This is why a lot of us support Donald Trump ’cause he’s been saying all the stuff we’ve all been thinking. He feels the same about America as we all do. Each time we tell the truth, we all get looked at as insane whack jobs.

What I find even more insane is that a lot of people will believe everything the media says and that’s the last thing you wanna trust, the media. I try to tell people how corrupt and broken the media is but no one wants to listen to me on that either. They’ll defend the media and say things like, “Oh, they’re all just doing their jobs and they know what they’re doing. The media is credible source”. Really?

Come on, guys. Fucking knock it off, will ya? You don’t need to agree with everything the media says. How about some “critical thinking” and “thinking outside the box”? That’s what I do. I don’t go by everything the media says. Fuck no. What I do is when stories get big in the news, I express my own opinion and my own thought. When we do, people will be like, “wah wah wah, you’re wrong. You can’t say that”. It’s all fucking bullshit. I’m tired of it all.

We all deserve to speak our mind and tell the truth. That’s the problem in America is “political correctness” in the media and government. Sad part is most people in America buy what the media and the government says. This is why I have to stick to my guns. I’m not gonna let people silence me ’cause they disagree, no fucking way. I make an opinion and thought about politics, I stick with it. I still do that today.

I no longer care if people get pissed off or offended at my opinions. Fuck you if you don’t like what I have to say. These days, I just ignore people who disagree or get offended. I just express my opinion and ignore everyone’s bullshit. It’s just the best thing to do, ya know? Save ya a headache.

Our mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest. If you read garbage like the Washington Post, Salon, Media Matters or the NY Times then I feel sorry for you. If you take what they say seriously then I feel sorry for you. They are not credible source at all. All they do is feed ya a bunch of one-sided garbage. I can’t stand the way the news is right now and it’s getting worse for sure especially the new jobs report that just got out which you know is a flat-out lie and fake. The media and the government are both on Barack & Hillary’s side.

You gotta stop watching or reading the news ’cause it’s all garbage. All they do is brainwash you and they are doing a very good job of it too. People are so naive and dumb, they’ll believe everything they see & read.


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