I’m happy the Bill Clinton rape scandals finally went mainstream, it’s about time!!!

Thanks to people like Donald Trump and Dinesh D’ Souza, the Bill Clinton rape scandals has finally went mainstream. It’s about time too! All of Bill Clinton’s rape victims are pretty well-documented… it’s just that the media ignores a lot of that stuff over the years. You know how the media is always pretty protective over the Clintons. Don’t let Slick Willie get away with it ’cause they call him Slick Willie for a good reason. People need to wake up and realize that Bill Clinton is a pig and a predator like Cosby. Sure enough, liberals think there is nothing wrong with Bill and they treat him like he’s a king.

Don’t let Bill think he can get away with it… although, while people can try and expose Bill & Hillary all they want to, you know nothing is gonna happen to them. Those two have way too much power so I don’t think Bill and Hillary will go to prison no matter how many crimes they commit. I’ll have another post on that soon.

I don’t want the Clintons back in the White House but I have a feeling it’s gonna happen anyways due to a rigged election.


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