Will Brent Spiner ever play Data again in the new Star Trek movies?

Former Star Trek star, Brent Spiner who played Data the android in, “Star Trek: the Next Generation” seems pretty annoyed at the question if he is ever going to play Data again. Brent took to his twitter page hoping this will help people stop asking him this question. I’m sure he gets asked this all the time if he will ever reprise his iconic role.

Here’s what he said from his official twitter page:

“I think we should all get over me playing Data again. Not logical. Too old. Don’t want to see Micky Rooney as Andy Hardy, Grandad. New Data!”


So there you have it, Star Trek fans. He will never go back to his Data role ever. He tells you to, “get over it”. LOL!

Sounds like he is willing to pass the torch to someone else to play Data though, does that what he means by, “new Data”?

If Data comes back in the upcoming JJ Abrams sequels, Brent Spiner could be replaced. It wouldn’t look right though, only he could play that character.


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