Report: Will Sir Patrick Stewart return as Professor Xavier in Singer’s “X-Men: First Class”?

So Bryan Singer has officially signed on to direct the next installment of X-Men which the  next one will be titled, “X-Men: First Class”. This one sounds like more of a prequel because this will focus on a young Professor Xavier and a young Magneto.

The question is, will Patrick Stewart agree to return to the next, “X-Men” movie? We all know Patrick won’t play the young Xavier since he is too old obviously. I imagine that the film will start off as the young Xavier and young Magneto leading up to their adult years.

Singer will probably sign Patrick as the adult Xavier for the film, as well. We haven’t yet heard if Patrick Stewart will return, but I’m sure we will hear something soon. Maybe even Ian Mckellen will return as the adult Magneto as well.

Patrick Stewart took time off from Hollywood to work Broadway theatre full time. He’s still doing Broadway I believe. So  hopefully Patrick will return, we’ll have to cross our fingers.

I miss Patrick on the big screen. He’s a fine actor that deserves an Oscar award for a certain role at some point. I’m sure he’ll return to X-Men.


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