Report: Patrick Stewart is not doing “Mad Max: Fury Road” and he’s also NOT doing “X-Men: First Class”…

Is Patrick Stewart done with Hollywood for good??? I hope not. If you’re hoping for him to make a return to Hollywood, look like it’s not going to be anytime soon. Patrick Stewart shot down rumours that he’ll be starring in “Mad Max: Fury Road”. He also confirms he’s done with Professor Xavier for “X-Men” ’cause he don’t expect to be involved.

Check out the two articles below:

and here:

Now let the retirement from Hollywood rumours begin for Patrick! I really hope he isn’t done with Hollywood for good and I hope he’ll do a new movie soon.

See? Even Ain’t It Cool get their facts wrong. They do it all the time. They’re another website known for sparking rumours that aren’t true such as this. AICN is bad movie journalism anyways.


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