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“Superman I-IV” and “Superman: Returns” are now on Netflix streaming… enjoy Superman fans!

I know there are a lot of Superman fans out there; however, there are still plenty of people who haven’t seen the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. Well, all the Christopher Reeve Superman movies are now on Netflix streaming! “Superman: Returns” with Brandon Routh as Superman is also on there. Of course, “Man of Steel” and “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” aren’t on Netflix, though.

I’m a huge Superman fan. He was my first favorite superhero as a kid and still am a huge fan of the character now. It saddens me though that there are still people who hasn’t seen the Chris Reeve Superman flicks… well if you haven’t seen any of them, I would recommend you do so especially the first two. The first two are the best of the series. I did like III and IV but the first two are classics. I did like “Superman: Returns” a lot even though that film got mixed reviews.

Why are there still people who hasn’t seen the Chris Reeve Superman flicks? A new generation of movie fans, I guess. That happens. If you’re on Netflix and a fan of superhero films, I would recommend you watch these. Superman has been played by many different actors over the years but Chris Reeve will always be the best Superman, in my opinion.


Happy birthday Christopher Reeve, who would have been 63 right now…

I remember being bummed about Christopher Reeve’s passing ’cause he is one of my favorite actors and he played the best Superman. Plus, the guy is a huge inspiration for me after he had his horse accident. The guy was very brave and courageous to stay alive for his wife and kids until he couldn’t be with us anymore sadly. This guy was a fighter ’til the very end. He was inspiration for all that activism work he did for other people with spinal chord injuries. He was quite a man he was.

Yes, I love all 4 Superman films even “The Quest For Peace” was a good movie even though that film could have a better script and better filming. I’m a pretty big fan of Reeve as Superman and I proudly own the Superman “Motion Picture Anthology” Blu-Ray set.

The question you have to ask is if Chris was still alive would he have played Superman again if he didn’t have that horse accident at all? I don’t think so. I think he would have been done playing the character even if he didn’t have that horse accident. I would think he would have retired from the character due to aging and stuff, ya know? If Chris was still here, I’m sure he would have loved “Man of Steel” by Zack Snyder and I’m sure he would have been proud of all this Justice League stuff going on.


Happy 75 years, Superman…

Today officially marks the 75th Anniversary of Superman. The first Superman “Action Comics” was published: April 18th, 1938.

Superman is over hyped for a lot of reasons. First of all, the character means so much to so many people — including me. Secondly, the character just rules and he is the king of all superheroes. I loved Superman ever since I was a kid and still love him now. Watched all the Superman movies over the years, the George Reeves TV show, and all the Max Fleischer cartoons. Of course, I read a lot of comics as well.

What mattered to people the most was the Superman films; most notably, the films with Christopher Reeve who helped made the character more iconic. Chris Reeve will always be the best Superman of them all. Nobody will be able to top him ever. Not even Henry Cavill or Brandon Routh. I thought “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II” were both amazing films but “III” was pretty good — “The Quest For Peace” was garbage. Then comes “Superman: Returns” in which Bryan Singer directed; that film was okay but needed a lot of improvements and the script was a mess.

Here comes the new Superman flick, “Man of Steel”, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. The trailer was released this week to help celebrate the 75 years of Superman. I can’t wait for, “Man Of Steel”. I’m sure it will be a Superman flick that will make all of us fanboys happy.

I’ll post the trailer again.


Report: Hans Zimmer, officially signed to score, “Man of Steel”, still doesn’t rule out the iconic John Williams theme though…

Well, Warner Bros. has finally announced the score composer for the upcoming new, Superman movie, “Man of Steel”. It’s no surprise that they were going to get Hans Zimmer, and most everyone predicted they were gonna get him anyway. Hans Zimmer scored for all three “Batman” films and, “Inception”, all Christopher Nolan directed flicks.

One thing to keep in mind though, this still doesn’t rule out the John Williams theme song. They’re still being tight-lipped on whether or not Warner Bros. is planning to use the iconic Superman original theme. Questions you have to ask. Will they ditch the original theme for good and create something new? Will Zimmer still use bits and pieces of the original theme and create a new version? Will they still use John Williams original track for the opening credits, and Zimmer will score the rest of the film?

Keep in mind guys, that the earlier Superman movies had different score composers. John Williams only scored the first Superman movie, “Superman: The Movie”. All the other Superman movies still used the original score, but they had different versions and styles of the theme. Is Hans Zimmer planning to do the same? I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon about the John Williams theme.

I still say that the original theme should be used for the movie. Why? Because there can’t be a Superman movie without it. James Bond has used it’s same theme song for years but they had different versions of the theme for every film. “Star Trek” used the same theme for every movie and TV episode, but used different versions and styles.

If Hans Zimmer snubs the John Williams theme completely, then people won’t get used to the Superman character. It may not sell as well in the box office. I’m sure, “Man of Steel”, will do well in the box office, but without the JW’s score, the Superman franchise may lose some of it’s fanbase. I still think they should use the score in some way. If Zimmer, decided to do something completely different, he’s never going to be able to top it and he will NEVER make it better than the original theme. Superman is pretty well known to have the JW’s theme ’cause the track is who Superman is.

There are still a lot of fans with mixed opinions on the theme song for, “Man of Steel”. Some do want the original theme and some want something totally new. I still support this theme song in the video below and can’t see a Superman movie without it.

See the report, here.


I still say “Superman IV: The Quest For Peace” is the worst Superman film ever…

I just got done watching “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” on Blu Ray, the final Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve. Yep, I still say the film is the worst Superman film ever made. I had to stuck through it just to make the money’s worth for the Blu Ray set.

The film is not all the way bad, however, there were just a few good scenes. For example, I loved the scene where Clark goes back to his Smallville home where Jonathan and Martha Kent used to live. I also actually liked how Superman showed the emotional side of him when he refused to respond to Jeremy’s letter on getting rid of Nuclear arms. Plus, Lex Luthor’s nephew, Lenny (played by Jon Cryer) was actually a good character and funny too. Those are the good things I can say about “Superman IV”.

Everything else is just really bad. Too many plot holes, terrible special effects, some of the action scenes were very silly and plus, Nuclear Man is just a horrible villain. I’ve read somewhere that Christopher Reeve was the one who created the Nuclear Man character ’cause Chris had a hand in the writing part for “Superman IV”.

I find it really sad that “Superman IV” had to be Chris’s last Superman movie. I just wish Chris could be around to make another one. RIP Chris Reeve.

The Superman Blu Ray set is really nice so far though. I’m loving it so much! I’ll watch “Superman: Returns” on Blu Ray later this week.


I really hope Zack Snyder makes a good “Superman” movie, seriously!!!

As I continue to watch the “Superman” Blu Ray set this week, I keep thinking to myself, man, I hope Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan really makes a great Superman movie that we can all be happy about.

I’ve watched all of the 2nd disc of “Superman: The Movie (The Expanded edition)” and I just got done watching “Superman: The Movie” (theatrical version). To be honest, I hated the Expanded version of “Superman: The Movie”, so I can see why Warner Bros. didn’t release it for theater. The original is, of course, better. The reason “Superman: The Movie (expanded edition)” didn’t work was that it turned Superman into a negative direction, when Superman is supposed to be lovable and heartfelt. Warner Bros. took out all the bad scenes and re-edited it to a more positive version which would become, “Superman: The Movie”.

Back to Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s version, it would probably be an origin story, but I’m sure it will be much different than “Superman: The Movie”. A lot of people are accusing Zack Snyder of turning it into an origin story. As I said above, Superman is supposed to be a lovable and heartfelt character. I hope Zack Snyder’s movie will be just as good as “Superman: The Movie”, it won’t be better, of course, but close enough.

We need a Superman movie where the audience would walk out of the theaters with smiles across our faces. We want a feel good Superman movie done with heart. Make the Superman movie action packed and where he saves a lot of people, fighting crime and all that stuff. That’s the kind of Superman movie we all want. It’ll probably be another Superman & Lois romance, but I hope they’ll concentrate more on the details of the Superman character. Zack Snyder’s movie is supposed to be “Why Superman”, I hope he gives us that.

Yes, Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” movie will indeed, be a big special effects movie with CGI and all that stuff, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how Zack would treat Superman visually. Zack is a visual film maker. He does things quickly and knows what he wants. I liked “300” and “Watchmen”, thought he did a good job with those movies. Of course, Zack will probably have plenty of slo motion effects for Superman as well.

The reason everyone wants a good Superman movie because Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns” wasn’t that great. I hope Zack and Chris Nolan gives us a good Superman movie. I believe in them. I believe they won’t fail!


Just got the “Superman” Blu Ray set today!!! WOOT!!!

I am now the proud owner of the “Superman Motion Picture Anthology” Blu Ray set! I’m so psyched to have this! You betcha, I’m going to start watching this later today, probably this evening. I’ll start with “Superman: The Movie” tonight.

This will keep me busy for a long while because there are tons of extra footage on the Blu Rays other than the movies. These discs are loaded with extras. I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this set and pretty sure it’s worth the money.

So this is my first Blu Ray set. I also have plans in buying the Star Wars movies on Blu Ray and the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. Yes, I am slowly starting a Blu Ray collection as you can see. I don’t get that much Blu Rays ’cause they are obviously overpriced. I’m only going to buy Blu Rays of my favorite movies, so I can make the money’s worth.

I’m such a big Superman fan. Love the character and the stories.


Repor: Richard Donner speaks on how the “Superman” movie theme was conducted…

In celebration of the new Superman Blu Ray boxset, Richard Donner sits down for an interview with UGO to talk about John Williams amazing score, for “Superman: The Movie”.

Enjoy the read, here.

Will John Williams score the music for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film? I’m pretty sure Zack and Chris Nolan will get him. It’s not a Superman movie if John doesn’t score the new film, so he probably will score it. It’ll be a shame if John gets replaced.



Report: Jon Hamm is “rumoured” to be the next Superman…

There are strong rumours flying around the net that “Mad Men” star, Jon Hamm, could be the next Superman/Clark Kent for Chris Nolan’s “Superman” flick. I never watched the show, “Mad Men”, before, but his character, Don Draper, does seem to have a Clark Kent personality. Then Hamm himself spoke with MTV News kind of hinting that he did get asked to play the role.

My thoughts? Some people may thinks he’s a bit too old for the role, but if I remember correctly, the Supes character was supposed to be aimed for a man in his 30’s – 40’s. It wasn’t really aimed at a young guy. I think Jon Hamm might be a good choice, if this news is true.

I wonder why Nolan is strict on casting for “Superman” and “Batman”. He seems to be keeping quiet on both of them for now. Hopefully Chris will talk soon.


Report: Clint Eastwood could have been Superman and James Bond…

While promoting his new directed movie, “Hereafter” that stars Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood admits that he was offered by Warner Bros. to play Superman and was offered to play James Bond, but Eastwood turned them both down. The reason? Eastwood always did roles that were more realistic. Eastwood never wanted to play silly superheros, he always felt like those roles were for somebody else but not him. Read more on it here.

Yeah, it’s no secret that Eastwood always did roles that were more real. He’s done roles like that throughout most of his career. Even the films he never starred in but directed, were based on reality too.

Eastwood wouldn’t make a bad Superman, back in the old days, if you think about it. His face has got that Superman look, I think that’s why Warner Bros approached him. Many actors were offered the Superman role: Stallone, Tom Selleck, Nicolas Cage, etc. They were all turned down so the role was more fitting to no one other but the late, Christopher Reeve.

Just imagine Eastwood playing the Clark Kent role too, with the glasses and black hair. I’m sure Eastwood would be able to play the Clark Kent/Superman role pretty well, he just felt someone else was more deserving to that role. Maybe Clint knew that Christopher Reeve deserved it more so Clint talked the film makers into hiring Chris instead?