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Thought: This blog does a nice job defending Jon Hamm, about him being too old for Superman…read up…

There’s a blogger over at the Film School Rejects website that defended the choice of Jon Hamm, who possibly maybe the next Superman. A lot of fans claimed that he’s too old for the role.

Read this blog here carefully.

Remember, Christopher Reeve was 26 when he did the first Superman movie. By “Superman III” and “IV: The Quest For Peace”, Reeve was between his 30’s-40’s then.The comics, the cartoons, the films, etc. Supes has a mature look. Jon Hamm, seems to have that Clark Kent/Superman look. His look doesn’t need to be similar to Christopher Reeve, they already did that with Brandon Routh. As long as Hamm has the Superman look, he will get signed to the role.

Jon Hamm is just at the right age. Not too old at all.


Report: Jon Hamm is “rumoured” to be the next Superman…

There are strong rumours flying around the net that “Mad Men” star, Jon Hamm, could be the next Superman/Clark Kent for Chris Nolan’s “Superman” flick. I never watched the show, “Mad Men”, before, but his character, Don Draper, does seem to have a Clark Kent personality. Then Hamm himself spoke with MTV News kind of hinting that he did get asked to play the role.

My thoughts? Some people may thinks he’s a bit too old for the role, but if I remember correctly, the Supes character was supposed to be aimed for a man in his 30’s – 40’s. It wasn’t really aimed at a young guy. I think Jon Hamm might be a good choice, if this news is true.

I wonder why Nolan is strict on casting for “Superman” and “Batman”. He seems to be keeping quiet on both of them for now. Hopefully Chris will talk soon.