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Report: Jon Hamm is “rumoured” to be the next Superman…

There are strong rumours flying around the net that “Mad Men” star, Jon Hamm, could be the next Superman/Clark Kent for Chris Nolan’s “Superman” flick. I never watched the show, “Mad Men”, before, but his character, Don Draper, does seem to have a Clark Kent personality. Then Hamm himself spoke with MTV News kind of hinting that he did get asked to play the role.

My thoughts? Some people may thinks he’s a bit too old for the role, but if I remember correctly, the Supes character was supposed to be aimed for a man in his 30’s – 40’s. It wasn’t really aimed at a young guy. I think Jon Hamm might be a good choice, if this news is true.

I wonder why Nolan is strict on casting for “Superman” and “Batman”. He seems to be keeping quiet on both of them for now. Hopefully Chris will talk soon.