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“Indiana Jones 5” may be the final movie that Harrison Ford and John Williams will both do… understandably so, though…

John Williams just said that he’s done scoring music for films. Once he’s finished the music for “Indiana Jones 5”, that’s it. He’s done. He said that Harrison Ford is also retiring and calling it quits after Indy 5. Nothing is really official as of this point but both of these guys are already talking about calling it quits.


It’s understandable so ’cause both men are getting old and getting tired. John’s been scoring for films since the 50’s. He’s scored films for so many iconic movies and did a lot of films with Steven Spielberg especially. John is definitely the master and the king of film scoring. What I love about John’s composing style is that he’s able to make scores that sticks to your head. His scores are so catchy and memorable likes “Jaws”, “Superman”, “ET”, “Star Wars”… his scores are so memorable that you can even sing along to them.

As far as Harrison retirement goes… not only that he’s aging… I think I remember Harrison suffering two injuries on two different films. He broke his leg filming “Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens” and then he injured his shoulder on “Indy 5”. After having those major injuries, that must be when he said, “I can’t do this anymore, after Indy 5, I’m done”. I don’t think Harrison can do his own stunts anymore in action sequences.

Harrison had a great career run, though as I’ve always been a massive fan of his.

I think Indy 5 would be a perfect last movie for them to go out with. Go out on a high note, ya know?

Harrison was able to bring back all of his iconic characters to the big screen for one last time. He brought back Han Solo, Rick Deckard “Blade Runner: 2049” and now Indy for one final film. Harrison is a talented actor. Always has been. I’ve watched his films throughout the years of my life and he’s done every genre pretty much.

Well deserved retirement for both men. I’m all for it. Can’t wait for “Indy 5” and I’m sure we’ll get our first teaser trailer this summer and a title reveal too.


Will “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” keep the opening crawl theme and rolling credits theme??? Yes, they probably will…

Some of you may ask, will JJ keep the opening theme and the rolling credits theme as you hear in these videos below? You hear them on every Star Wars movie, even the prequels. So yeah, I think we’ll definitely get the same opening theme song for the famous crawl and the same music for the end credits like always.

I’m sure it’ll be like this for the next trilogy.

I’m not sure if Disney plans on using these two theme songs for spin off movies, though. These theme songs were made for the original series, I would assume.

Yeah, John Williams did the score for the rest of “The Force Awakens” too and I’m sure he’ll kill it like always.

Of course, they will keep these two theme songs. They have to. They always start and end like that. If JJ changed the music for the opening and end credits, that would anger a lot of Star Wars fans so he have to keep them in the film.


About Star Wars 7,8,9 classical scoring, will John Williams return???

John Williams, the longtime Star Wars composer, did the music for all 6 Star Wars movies. The question, will he return for the next trilogy? I can see John returning for Star Wars 7, most definitely, but if he can stay alive when 8 and 9 comes around, that maybe kind of tough ’cause he might be dead by then. The guy is about 80 years old now. I’m not saying he’s gonna die, but what if he doesn’t make it when 8 and 9 comes around, ya know? That’s what I’m saying.

Even if they plan on not using John Williams and replacing a new composer, they still need to use the original opening “Star Wars” theme for the opening crawl in the beginning. That can’t be replaced.

Some people can and can’t see John Williams coming back. It’s a mixed feeling on him too. He has always been important for the Star Wars legacy. So yeah, I can see a definite %100 chance of John Williams returning. I can’t see him turning it down. Hopefully, he’ll live long enough to compose the next trilogy. It’s amazing that he’s still composing movies at this age, though. I’m pretty sure Disney will offer him a huge deal that he can’t refuse.


Cool Video: Watch a fan made version of “Man of Steel” trailer with the John Williams music!

So people online debated on whether or not the John Williams music would work for “Man of Steel”, because of a new era and all. Well, in my opinion, I think this fan made video of the trailer, is pretty much proof that the JW’s score would work. It was beautiful and the JW’s score with the “Man of Steel” trailer, gave me even more goosebumps! The music for the original trailer was the main theme from “Lord of the Rings”. The reason Warner Bros. have been using music from other movies for the trailers is because Hans Zimmer didn’t compose music for “Man of Steel”, yet.

Warner Bros. should have used this music in the video for the teaser instead. They could have if they wanted but I guess they really are ditching John Williams for good which is sad. I’m not sure why Zack doesn’t want to use this music, when Star Trek and James Bond have used the same music for years.

I believe they decided on Lord of the Rings, as a way to piss off the makers of “The Hobbit” movie and compete with them.

Enjoy the John Williams version. I think it works beautifully and almost brought tears to my eyes. Felt like a real Superman movie with the John Williams music. It’s not the main theme, but the music came from the Krypton scene in the beginning of “Superman: The Movie”. Yep, I definitely like the fan made John Williams trailer, better than the voice over versions.


Report: Hans Zimmer, officially signed to score, “Man of Steel”, still doesn’t rule out the iconic John Williams theme though…

Well, Warner Bros. has finally announced the score composer for the upcoming new, Superman movie, “Man of Steel”. It’s no surprise that they were going to get Hans Zimmer, and most everyone predicted they were gonna get him anyway. Hans Zimmer scored for all three “Batman” films and, “Inception”, all Christopher Nolan directed flicks.

One thing to keep in mind though, this still doesn’t rule out the John Williams theme song. They’re still being tight-lipped on whether or not Warner Bros. is planning to use the iconic Superman original theme. Questions you have to ask. Will they ditch the original theme for good and create something new? Will Zimmer still use bits and pieces of the original theme and create a new version? Will they still use John Williams original track for the opening credits, and Zimmer will score the rest of the film?

Keep in mind guys, that the earlier Superman movies had different score composers. John Williams only scored the first Superman movie, “Superman: The Movie”. All the other Superman movies still used the original score, but they had different versions and styles of the theme. Is Hans Zimmer planning to do the same? I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon about the John Williams theme.

I still say that the original theme should be used for the movie. Why? Because there can’t be a Superman movie without it. James Bond has used it’s same theme song for years but they had different versions of the theme for every film. “Star Trek” used the same theme for every movie and TV episode, but used different versions and styles.

If Hans Zimmer snubs the John Williams theme completely, then people won’t get used to the Superman character. It may not sell as well in the box office. I’m sure, “Man of Steel”, will do well in the box office, but without the JW’s score, the Superman franchise may lose some of it’s fanbase. I still think they should use the score in some way. If Zimmer, decided to do something completely different, he’s never going to be able to top it and he will NEVER make it better than the original theme. Superman is pretty well known to have the JW’s theme ’cause the track is who Superman is.

There are still a lot of fans with mixed opinions on the theme song for, “Man of Steel”. Some do want the original theme and some want something totally new. I still support this theme song in the video below and can’t see a Superman movie without it.

See the report, here.


Look like Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is going to open with the John Williams theme after all?

Check it out, and tell me what you see…

the Man of Steel, IMDB lists John Williams as Original Score, but they still list Tyler Bates in the music department. This doesn’t mean it’s confirmed ’cause IMDB is not a reliable site.

I’ll believe it when I hear a confirmation from Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. or Christopher Nolan. I’m sure Zack is going to get asked about the Superman theme when he starts doing interviews again. We’ll wait and see.


Report: Is Tyler Bates the new composer for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”???

Rumors are hitting the web this week that film composer, Tyler Bates, could be the new composer for Zack Snyder’s, “Man of Steel”. The reason this rumor started because he was listed in IMDB, in the credits as composer. So far, no official press release about it from Warner Bros.

It could be true because Tyler already worked with Zack for “300”, “Watchmen” and “Suckerpunch”.

This is starting to worry Superman fans, ’cause the John Williams main theme could be ignored. I don’t think so. In every Superman movie, there is the John Williams score just different versions of it. J.W.’s didn’t score every Superman flick, only the first one.

If Tyler is indeed the composer for, “Man of Steel”, I think it’s still a possibility they will still use the J.W.’s score, but a different take on it. They shouldn’t really ignore the theme completely and they probably won’t. Hope they won’t ignore it anyway.


Repor: Richard Donner speaks on how the “Superman” movie theme was conducted…

In celebration of the new Superman Blu Ray boxset, Richard Donner sits down for an interview with UGO to talk about John Williams amazing score, for “Superman: The Movie”.

Enjoy the read, here.

Will John Williams score the music for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film? I’m pretty sure Zack and Chris Nolan will get him. It’s not a Superman movie if John doesn’t score the new film, so he probably will score it. It’ll be a shame if John gets replaced.



Thought: Who should score the music for “Superman: The Man of Steel”?

After Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan decides the casting for the new “Superman” movie that will be directed by Zack Snyder, soon they will have to find a composer to make the music for the film. Some may think that WB’s and Chris will have Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard to score “Superman” just like they did to the two Batman movies, but I hope they won’t go for them two guys again.

If they want to stay true to Superman, they need John Williams back for this gig. John Williams is Superman when it comes to music. Another composer would turn Superman fans away from seeing the movie. So I think they would get John Williams. John is still composing movies to this day, he’s been scoring for all those Harry Potter flicks. As long as he’s available, they’ll probably get him.

I really hope they get John. It would be a mistake if Chris forgets him. However, Warner Bros.’s does own the copyright to the Superman theme, the original Superman heirs the Siegels do not own it.

The opening Superman theme for the new movie won’t be exactly the same as the classic, John will probably write up a new version to get the current feel. I hope Zack and Chris will open the new Supes flick in space where the text is flying at ya on the screen. I’m sure they will stay true to that. Check the videos below as examples of what I’m talking about. Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns” opened the movie the same way. See how the opening theme intro is a little different? Chris and Zack will do it right, I’m sure they aren’t that stupid.