Report: Hans Zimmer, officially signed to score, “Man of Steel”, still doesn’t rule out the iconic John Williams theme though…

Well, Warner Bros. has finally announced the score composer for the upcoming new, Superman movie, “Man of Steel”. It’s no surprise that they were going to get Hans Zimmer, and most everyone predicted they were gonna get him anyway. Hans Zimmer scored for all three “Batman” films and, “Inception”, all Christopher Nolan directed flicks.

One thing to keep in mind though, this still doesn’t rule out the John Williams theme song. They’re still being tight-lipped on whether or not Warner Bros. is planning to use the iconic Superman original theme. Questions you have to ask. Will they ditch the original theme for good and create something new? Will Zimmer still use bits and pieces of the original theme and create a new version? Will they still use John Williams original track for the opening credits, and Zimmer will score the rest of the film?

Keep in mind guys, that the earlier Superman movies had different score composers. John Williams only scored the first Superman movie, “Superman: The Movie”. All the other Superman movies still used the original score, but they had different versions and styles of the theme. Is Hans Zimmer planning to do the same? I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon about the John Williams theme.

I still say that the original theme should be used for the movie. Why? Because there can’t be a Superman movie without it. James Bond has used it’s same theme song for years but they had different versions of the theme for every film. “Star Trek” used the same theme for every movie and TV episode, but used different versions and styles.

If Hans Zimmer snubs the John Williams theme completely, then people won’t get used to the Superman character. It may not sell as well in the box office. I’m sure, “Man of Steel”, will do well in the box office, but without the JW’s score, the Superman franchise may lose some of it’s fanbase. I still think they should use the score in some way. If Zimmer, decided to do something completely different, he’s never going to be able to top it and he will NEVER make it better than the original theme. Superman is pretty well known to have the JW’s theme ’cause the track is who Superman is.

There are still a lot of fans with mixed opinions on the theme song for, “Man of Steel”. Some do want the original theme and some want something totally new. I still support this theme song in the video below and can’t see a Superman movie without it.

See the report, here.


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