About Star Wars 7,8,9 classical scoring, will John Williams return???

John Williams, the longtime Star Wars composer, did the music for all 6 Star Wars movies. The question, will he return for the next trilogy? I can see John returning for Star Wars 7, most definitely, but if he can stay alive when 8 and 9 comes around, that maybe kind of tough ’cause he might be dead by then. The guy is about 80 years old now. I’m not saying he’s gonna die, but what if he doesn’t make it when 8 and 9 comes around, ya know? That’s what I’m saying.

Even if they plan on not using John Williams and replacing a new composer, they still need to use the original opening “Star Wars” theme for the opening crawl in the beginning. That can’t be replaced.

Some people can and can’t see John Williams coming back. It’s a mixed feeling on him too. He has always been important for the Star Wars legacy. So yeah, I can see a definite %100 chance of John Williams returning. I can’t see him turning it down. Hopefully, he’ll live long enough to compose the next trilogy. It’s amazing that he’s still composing movies at this age, though. I’m pretty sure Disney will offer him a huge deal that he can’t refuse.


15 thoughts on “About Star Wars 7,8,9 classical scoring, will John Williams return???”

  1. John Williams wouldn’t be that hard to copy, as he is hardly original himself.

    Listen to Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 then listen to the Jaws theme.

    Or Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and Star wars

    Or Holst’s The Planets and Star Wars.

    Or an old black and white film Kings Row and Star Wars main theme.

    Or Dvorakk’s Dumky Trio and ET

    Or Home Alone, We Overslept Again and Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker; Trepak.

    Or Dvorak’s 9th New World Symphony Mov. 3: Duel of Fates in Star Wars Episode 1

    Copying other artists or composers is nothing new. Ravel. Lizst, Wagner, to name a few have all copied from others.

    Williams certainly has a talent for making the music fit the scenes. there’s no denying that. But he certainly isn’t unique or original, and there is plenty of talent out there that could step up to plate and replace him seamlessly and still do justice to the franchise.

      1. I’m sure a different composer can remake the Star Wars theme songs, but he won’t be able to make it sound exactly like John Williams. That’s the point. Classical composing is the same thing as regular music. You can’t copy the style and the artistic creativity of an artist. I’m sure you are able to play the same song note for note, sure, but nobody will ever match the style exactly.

        Just like in rock music. Nobody will be able to copy Jimi Hendrix’s style although other guitarists tried. Stevie Ray Vaughn came pretty close to matching Hendrix’s style, but not quite.


      2. On top of all this, it would be absurd, if they did replace a composer. Even if John Williams died before the future movies were made, they would just use the earlier music from the past films.


  2. Style can be copied and imitated.

    You see it all the time i music reviews, when they state that an artist plays in the style of xxxx.

    Listen to Mato Nanji. You can hear Clapton’s style, Vaughan’s style and others in his playing.

    if it was so impossible to copy other artists, you would never see plagiarism suits.

    1. I’m sure you can copy a style some but not all of it. You can sound exactly like another musician, all you want to. It has been done before, I’m sure, but I’m 100% positive that the way you play that artists music won’t be the same exact way the original composer played it. Know what I mean? For example, I can sit here and play a Hendrix song note for note. Try to copy his sound and tone with amps and effects and stuff, but I’m sure I won’t be able to copy his sound and playing exactly. I can play this riff or a chord in a cover, but I’m 100% sure, that’s not the way the original artist played it. Even the official guitar tablature that was tabbed by the pros. I’m pretty sure they don’t got their sound and style down correctly. You can’t take an artists work.

      I listened to a little bit of Mato Nanji in youtube. While he does a lot of Hendrix covers, he sounds nothing like Hendrix or Clapton. He’s got his own sound. You can’t take everything from a musician. A musician has their own style and sound. You can’t duplicate it.


    2. An artists “sound” whether it’s a “style” or whatever you want to call it serves as an audio fingerprint…you can play John Williams “Star Wars Theme” for 1-6 right next to (what will probably b Michael Giacchino’s) revised but indentical “Star Wars Theme” for 7,8 & 9 and the contrast will be as different as Day is from night even though every note is the same…because no matter how hard you try you can’t RE-CREATE a finger print, hand writing or voice recognition…so Kev Brock’s right.

      And as impossible as Williams doing the next three seems I would LOVE that more than anything!

  3. There’s a difference between style and sound. You don’t have to imitate or copy an artist exactly down to the last detail to copy their style. Know what I mean?

    You can play and compose “in the style of” without playing or composing exactly.

    1. Well that I can agree with. I can play “in the style” of Jimmy Page or Hendrix, but not exactly copy their sound all the way, but I get what you’re saying. All good.


  4. The interesting thing: eveything has already been invented, but people like to ear the same story in many diferent versions, since it makes remember the “home. It’s a sad true, I think. No body can copy some composer’s style, it can make it very similar, but that’s all about it. So the best thing, that a composer could do nicely in the next star wars triology would be compose completely new music, for exception of the main theme, that could appear only in the beggining and the end of the film. It would be a star wars film (because the main theme), but version composer 2.0: same story different music and style.

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